Flag day

Flag day: Referee Jeff Triplette and his crew had an active role in the game, assessing 22 penalties to both teams, some which were borderline calls. The Packers were flagged 11 times for 95 yards, marking the most yards they have been penalized in a game this year.<P>

Anderson was penalized for roughing Ramsey on a blitz in the second quarter when he was called for a hit to the quarterback's helmet. Television and stadium replays showed that Anderson did not even strike Ramsey's head on the play, however, upsetting the rookie safety.

"I think they were trying to protect him because he was a young quarterback, but it didn't take me out of my game," he said.

"The referees... that's just like another big play. If they don't call certain plays or if they do call certain plays, it can be crucial to a game. You can't let that affect you, you just have to go out and play."

The Redskins went on to kick a field goal on the drive and opened the game's scoring on a first-quarter drive that was continued by an Anderson illegal contact foul that resulted in a first down on third-and-18.

Six Packers' penalties resulted in first downs for the Redskins, and a second-quarter Matt Bowen interception was nullified when Tod McBride was called for illegal contact.

The Redskins aided the Packers on their second touchdown drive of the game when they were flagged for four penalties in a two-play span. That resulted in 41 yards of a 73-yard drive.

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