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Here's what Packer head coach Mike Sherman had to say about his team's 30-9 win over the Washington Redskins at Lambeau Field Sunday:<P>

On Brett Favre injury: "As it turns out, Brett sprained his left knee. There is some swelling, but not a lot of it. It looks like he's going to be OK. Obviously there was a lot of concern by us on the sideline, but it appears he's going to be OK. He has a sprained knee. We're going to MRI it tomorrow and see if there's anymore swelling that could occur and go from there. As of now, we don't anticipate ruling him out of the Monday night game against Miami, but we'll have to further evaluate him tomorrow."

On players who stepped up:

"I was pleased again the way Doug Pederson stepped in and did the job he did and had a critical third down completion to Javon Walker and really moved the chains for us and got us down there. Can't say enough about Mike Flanagan going in there and playing left tackle against Hall of Famer Bruce Smith. Our young defensive line continues to apply pressure, our linebackers and DB's played well. I can't say enough about the way the team responded to the adversity that they were presented with today and it's a credit to the coaches in that room and the players."

On reaction to Favre carted off field: "I asked someone if they had the classified ads so I can see if there's another job out there because it's a little hard to work around here without No. 4. Doug went out there a did a great job and it's a tribute to the backup quarterback because anyone that's watched us practice knows the backup quarterback doesn't get hardly any work in practice, but for some reason, this week we gave him more than we normally do. My stomach dropped when we lost our quarterback as it would with any player, but because of how this season is to all our players."

On adversity: "I can't say enough about the players that took the field today because we keep getting a number of adverse situations presented to us and they respond so well. I take my hat off to the coaches and players in that locker room. They've done a fantastic job of handling things as that come up. In this game, we had a couple things that didn't go our way early and then to lose our starting quarterback, we all know what he means to our football team, to be able to respond to that type of challenge, that might have been as big a challenge as they had to respond to. The Redskins are a good football team - a young quarterback turned the ball over too many times, but their defense is a good defense and they gave us everything we could handle.

On being 6-1: "I'm just happy to be 6-1 right now with a bye and have our guys go home and enjoy that part of it. If you don't win this game, it's a long two weeks. We lost last year to Minnesota previous to the bye and it wasn't a whole lot of fun. I'm so happy that those guys can enjoy the week and enjoy the time off their going to get and feel good about themselves and maybe in the next two weeks appreciate what they've done and at the same time maintain that hunger to do more and do something really special this season. We're almost halfway through the season, we haven't won anything yet, we have a long way to go, a lot of games to play against good teams. We can't do anything but hopefully look to the future to do better and hopefully win some more football games."

On confusing Redskins' quarterback Patrick Ramsey: "I have a lot of respect for Patrick Ramsey and watching him on tape. He's going to be one heck of a quarterback. He's an extremely tough guy and has great poise in the pocket. He, like every young quarterback, goes through some growing pains. We did try to confuse him and wanted to put a little bit of pressure on him and I think we were able to do both of those things at different times."

On the turnover margin: "We talk about it every week and how important it is to get your hands on the football and be obsessive about the football. When you're on defense and offense has the ball, it's as much your ball as it is theirs. Just because they have possession doesn't mean you can't take it away from them. I think our guys have responded well, they've done the same thing in practice. What they are doing in the game, they've done in practice. We're in an all-time high - practice-wise - on creating turnovers. I think it becomes kind of a feeding frenzy if you can get it going that way and we've certainly done a good job of getting to the ball."

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