Favre says he expects to play

Quarterback Brett Favre was probably as surprised as anyone to find himself needing an assist to get off the field after the LaVar Arrington-Jeremiah Trotter sack left him with a sprained left knee. Will Favre's ironman streak be stopped at 164? Today's tests will shed light on the situation, but for now, Favre and the Packers are looking on the bright side.<p>

"It's an injury, from what I understand, it is possible to play with, especially since we don't play again for two weeks," Favre said. "I'm not going to sit here and say I'm going to play. I expect to, but it's just kind of a wait and see thing...and rehab...and see how it feels."

For once, the schedule which often deals Green Bay some curious twists and turns, is solidly in the Packers' favor. Green Bay has a bye next week, then plays at home on Monday night vs. the Dolphins.

If it was up to Favre, he would have been back in during the second half, but the Packer medical staff's cooler heads prevailed.

"As much as I wanted to play, that information there was enough to not fight it," Favre said. "The main concern was how severe the injury was. I felt like I could go back in, wanted to go back in, but like I said, I'm not familiar with knee injuries. Dr. McKenzie, on the sideline, did some tests and told me that possibly there was a tear, if not a tear in the LCL and the ramifications of going back out with that tear, you'd basically leave the ACL wide open for injury and obviously you tear that and you're doneOn how much pain he's feeling now: "It's not real painful now, it was more painful when it actually happened. That's the deceiving part of it."

"Once I got to the sideline, it felt a little bit better, which I understand knee injuries are kind of that way," Favre said. "It still hurts and it's real stiff right now. The concern is that even though there is a little bit of pain, you have no stability. Whatever ligament is torn, you lose stability there and then further damage is done easily by no stability. When Dr. McKenzie said that, I understood. He said there would probably be more pain, probably not as bad as the initial injury, but there will be more pain tomorrow, more stiffness, more swelling. It's more of a 2 or 3 day period and then it's more strengthening - to see if the ligament can come back." "I played for so long and avoided serious injury for such a long time to have to come out of any game, whether or not you play the following week, is upsetting."

Favre's NFL-record 164 consecutive starts has almost been taken for granted lately. His entrenchment as the starter was even the subject of a humorous piece on ESPN's pre-game show Sunday. Doug Pederson and former Packer backups Aaron Brooks, Jim McMahon, Danny Wuerrfel and others participated in a tongue-in-cheek send-up of the ironman QB.

"It's almost expected, not only for myself, but from everyone else, that you'll be there," Favre said. "When you're not, it's not that I don't feel like I'm contributing anymore or lost for any period of time, it's just, 'What do you do now?' No one wants to leave with an injury, whether it be for a career or for a game, and I think from my standpoint, if there's one person in this league who really doesn't want to leave with an injury, it's me. I know it happens, but it's still tough to digest."

The injury occurred on a 2nd down play in the third quarter when Redskins' linebackers LaVar Arrington and Jeremiah Trotter sandwiched Favre and the QB's legs got tangled as he was slammed to the turf. The Packers' offensive line had done a stellar job against the 'Skins' imposing front seven up to that point, but on this play Favre had no chance to escape.

"I was trying to get my foot out from underneath me," Favre said. "Fortunately, it's not as bad as it may have looked or felt. Yeah, I knew I was (injured) I've never been in that position before."

Favre finished 11-of-14 for 89 yards and left with the Packers leading 17-6. He went without a TD for the first time this season. Pederson came in and performed well, going 9-of-15 for 78 yards, no sacks, no interceptions and no TDs. Pederson's contribution lies inside the numbers, however, doing nothing to hurt his team's chances when they had just received a jarring blow.

"Absolutely - that's what this team expects of Doug," Favre said. "I know he expects that out of himself. I was upset for a couple reasons - that I couldn't play anymore - there wasn't concern at all from my standpoint that Doug could do the job and I think everyone felt that way. He came in, even though we had the lead, in really a tough spot. Regardless of what people think, Washington's defense is very good...very good. That's not the problem with their team. To come in that situation, with the game still in question, to play the way he did... As he came in the locker room afterwards, I, as well as everyone else, told him how good a job he did. But like I said, that's what's expected of Doug. He knew we could do it and he did."

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