From the Rams locker room

Comments on the Packers from head coach Scott Linehan, quarterback Marc Bulger, running back Steven Jackson

(On how many reps QB Marc Bulger had in practice)

"He took all of the reps. It's really hard to split them up. This is the time of year where we don't get enough reps from coaches' standpoint because of the amount of snaps we're able to do with our limited numbers. He took all the reps today. If there's any concern about where we're at or how he feels tomorrow we'll make some adjustments to tomorrow's practice."

(On how WR Brandon Williams looked in practice)
"Brandon didn't do a whole lot. It looked like he felt better, but he really did not practice in the capacity of our returner. That could change tomorrow. We'll see how he feels. He tried to work through some individual stuff today and seemed to be making some progress."

(On CB Darius Vinnett's success on special teams)
"Darius is not blessed with a lot of size, but he has a lot of speed and he's hard to block as a flyer on the punt team. He has the speed to get down the field. He's one of our ones on the kickoff team so he's in position for that outside containment, but he's also a guy that can be a good safety. If somebody gets loose, he has the speed to catch a guy. The preseason game someone had a long return and he caught the guy at the 10-yard line and saved a touchdown for us. That's what you have to have there. He knows his niche on this football team and in this league is going to be on special teams and have a role on defense at times. Right now he's excelling at that. There is a role for somebody on the 45 (man roster) on Sunday for special teams and emergency secondary, but starter on most of the teams. His speed and desire – he's a pretty good tackler for a little guy, all make him a really good special teams player."

(On the difference between QB Brett Favre this year as opposed to past seasons)
"We played them last year and when I was in Minnesota we played them every year, twice. He doesn't look any different to me. He looks as good as ever. He always seems to be one of those guys that have a way of making plays not many people can make.

The difference this year is he has really limited the turnovers. He's always been a guy that can make big things happen with his arm and get the ball in the endzone, some how some way. It always seemed like he would have a couple of big turnover games somewhere during the year. This year he's been great with the ball. His football team has been great with the ball. They've avoided that. That's been a big reason why they've had such a great year.

People tend to get better with age when it comes to that. This guy is unbelievable to me. For him to be able to play so many games without missing a football game and to play the position he plays in this league. This guy is unbelievable."

(On other reasons for Green Bay's success this season)
"I commend their coaching staff on a great job of coaching. The players have to play well. They've played pretty mistake-free offensively and they have a great receiving corps – guys who do a lot with the ball after the catch. I think they're the best in the league as far as yards after catch. That says a lot about the mentality of that group and their ability.

They're starting to run the football. Ryan Grant comes out of nowhere and finds his spot on the team. They're blocking for him and coming up big in their run game. Their defense is very, very solid. They were good last year. Their front four and front seven are playing great. They have maybe the best corner tandem in the league. It's hard to find two corners that are playing better football than these guys. With the combination of their offense and defense playing the way they are and now their special teams being a big threat, returning balls for touchdowns and returning them for big yards. They have a really good combination. They're putting themselves in position to win two of the three phases each week and that's one reason why they're coming out on top."

(On what he thinks about CB Charles Woodson and CB Al Harris)
"They are confident players. They play pretty much bump-and-run coverage the whole game. You have to be a confident player to do that. You have to have confidence in your corners to do that. They like to come up and rough you up at the line of scrimmage. It's very effective if you're good enough to do it. They can pull it off.

They may give up a big play here and there in a game, but they'll take that chance to come up to the line of scrimmage and disrupt the timing of the pass patterns you're trying to run. That has as much to do with it as anything. Both of them are 10-year vets that have played at a high level for 10 years. They've been able to stay healthy for the most part. I know Woodson missed a little bit of time there. He missed the Dallas game and that probably affected them a little bit. He's been able to be out there most of the year. Having them both out there together throughout 13 games, so far this year, is a big plus for them as well."

(On protecting the quarterback against Green Bay)
"We have to be able to run the football. We have to control the line of scrimmage and both sides of the ball if you want to protect your linebackers and protect your quarterback. Our challenge is to be able to have a very efficient and effective run game and put the focus on that for the protection and the pass game. We'll set up a lot of what we want to do in the pass game off what we do in the run. When you're able to do that, and stay out of third-and-long, you have a better chance. It's impossible to totally contain what they're trying to do with their personnel defensively, but you can limit it somewhat if you can establish that."

(On if the players use playing spoiler as motivation)
"This is our 14th game and we're playing a very good football team that we beat last year. It's the same team in a lot of ways. There are a couple of new players on offense, the running back being one of them. We want to go out and establish that. We're playing for this season. We're playing for a lot of things. We want to establish ourselves in the NFC and show people that we can not only play well against a team like Green Bay or play as well as Green Bay, but also beat them. That's our goal."

(On if there is any thought in his mind that now that the Rams are not in the playoff hunt, he should just shut it down for the rest of the season)

"No I never want to quote ‘shut it down.' There are too many guys in here fighting. This is our profession. You work all year for it and then for selfish reasons I want to get back out there. Not many times that you get to play against a Brett Favre or against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Like I said everyone is in here fighting and I wouldn't just shut it down for the sake of shutting it down. If it made sense to do it and I thought my health was going to be in jeopardy then I will do that but if there is any chance for me to get out there then I going to do it."

(On the Packers defense)
"Their front seven is really good. They are getting a ton of sacks a lot of pressure but I think when you have two corners like they have, that allows them to play the ‘cover 8' and bring those safeties down in the box. I think there really is no weakness on their team.

Like I said as a quarterback, when you have two pretty much shut down corners you can cheat those and get eight and sometimes nine guys up there and it makes it really difficult for a team to run the ball. Football is such a team game that their defense feeds into when their offense gets going. It is going to take a whole team effort. We are going to have to somehow get some turnovers or shut them down and keep their momentum from getting going because I think they feed off of each other."

(On what kind of adjustments they have to make with two shutdown corners in Packers Charles Woodson and Al Harris)
"It is pretty simple. They don't do a ton of blitzes and try to confuse you too much. They understand they have really good personnel. We have to win those one-on-one with Isaac (Bruce) and Torry (Holt). I am sure we are not going to win every time, but if our line can hold up for that extra count. It is really tough in this league no matter how good you are to hold up for four or five seconds at the corner position so if I can get some time, I think we will get some shots in there. But it's not a situation where you expect to win every time."

(On the match-up of the Packers' cornerbacks facing off against two potential Hall of Fame receivers in Bruce and Holt)
"Yeah we never have felt like we are ever going to get totally shut down. We respect other guys and we certainly respect them but at the same time our guys are going to win and it is just a matter of me getting rid of the ball or having enough time to let them win. When you have good corners and try to just throw three-step drops all the time it is not going to work because they are that good. We are going to have to take five and seven-step drops to get our guys open. It is just a matter of having time and you get time by having good play action, getting a running game going and taking your shots then. For us to think we are going to come out and not have a running game and just sit back there and have all day to throw would be naive."

(On if it is fun to play and have the chance to knock off a team like Green Bay with the Rams not being in the playoff race)

"It's fun to play period. It doesn't matter who the opponent is. It's another chance to go out and play the game that I love and go out and compete. Have a chance to play against some guys that I went to college with so it will be fun."

(On if he will be looking to carry the ball more this week)
"Things happen for whatever reason. I am just going to go out and take advantage of the opportunities that I get to carry the ball or even catch the ball down the field. Whatever I can do, whatever service I can contribute to help get a win."

(On playing in a game with Packers QB Brett Favre and what he has meant to the league)
"He's a quarterback that is good at what he does. But you can't get caught up in that. We are playing the Green Bay Packers. If you are in awe of who you are playing, then that is a loss already. We have to go out and take care of business."

(On whom he expects to play quarterback for the Rams on Sunday)
"Today Marc (Bulger) did get some snaps in. It is a rotation just in case he can't go again. We have to prepare ourselves like Marc is going to be in there. He looked good today so hopefully he can be cleared and play on Sunday."

(On the Packers defensive front)
"My opinion is that they may be the best front seven we have faced all season. They have a young linebacker corps that is full energy, plays until the whistle. They have defensive ends that are going to collapse the pocket and get pressure on the quarterback that they are playing. So we have a huge task in giving Marc or whoever is at quarterback some time to get the ball down the field. The running game is going to be hard. They have huge bodies so they are going to take up a lot of space. We have to be able to move them down the field and create some running lanes."

(On DT Ryan Pickett)
"This is one of those games that he has probably circled year in and year out. He had a good game against us last year and we have to make sure that we don't let him do that a second year in a row."

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