Favre's injury

Up to the point Brett Favre was injured in the Packers-Redskins game Sunday at Lambeau, the Redskins' imposing front seven hadn't been able to get to the Packers' quarterback.<P>

On second-and-6 from the Green Bay 24, linebackers LaVar Arrington and Jeremiah Trotter blitzed Favre and sandwiched him, for a 12-yard sack.

With running back Ahman Green and right guard Marco Rivera going left, Earl Dotson at right tackle had to pick up both linebackers. Trotter went around Dotson's left and Arrinton went right. The Redskins got to the backpedalling Favre quickly.

"I thought I'd put a hand on the inside guy because I knew he had a straight shot," Dotson said. "Regardless, somebody's going to come free. You hate to see it happen to anybody, and we've had so many injuries happen to so many guys. We really don't need this."

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