From the locker room

Post-game quotes from McCarthy, Favre, Driver and other players

(On today's game)

"Today gives us our first round bye and we will be smart as we move forward with the help of our football team. We have been smart all along, starting with our training camp and the great schedule you guys all love but we will continue to move forward. Chicago is still an important game but it definitely gives us a chance to get some people back."

(On the difference between the first and second halves of the game)
"We didn't play very well in some spots in the first half. Our tackling on defense needed to improve and I think it definitely did that in the second half. Offensively, we had some opportunities. Both in the first and second half we had a favorable play called and we did not execute it. They did a better job of that, I give credit to the Rams. But I'll say for the whole game I thought our special teams was outstanding. I think they played a huge part in this victory today."

(On having more turnovers than the Rams)
"I mean those are all things you point to, that is part of playing the game and improving. The most important is winning the game. I think our special teams played a huge, huge part in that because we played with favorable field position all four quarters. So as far a losing the top possession, losing the yardage, I think that is as much factoring in our special teams plays as anything. Three turnovers is not what we are looking for and we need to obviously fix that as we move on."

(On QB Brett Farve breaking the record for most passing yards)
"Well I don't want to speak for Brett but it means a lot for him. He has had an incredible career and he just continues to add another log on to the fire as he moves through the seasons. He has been a tremendous player for us this year and his leadership and performance weekly at the quarterback position. I just can't say enough about him and you like to see good things, like records, happen to good people."

(On their successful season)
"Well we are a good football team and a focused football team and we have kept around the target. We need to continue to do so. It's a credit to the players. It is a very hard working group. They enjoy practice, they are fun to be around, they are fun to coach and it is truly a credit to the players."

(On securing a first round bye in the playoffs)

"It goes without saying how, at least today, things fell into place. Most importantly is the fact that we won here today. I think we've only won here once. Haven't had a lot of success. I know St. Louis is struggling right now, but it can be a tough environment. Hats off to our team for putting ourselves in this position."

(On "blowing the game open" in the second half)
"The score would indicate that we blew it open, but I got the feeling that it was relatively close throughout the game. I give them a lot of credit. I thought they played well across the board. Yeah, they made some mistakes, but we did, too. Their defense is a high-risk, high-reward type of defense – opportunistic. They have a ton of injuries, but I thought they played well. They gave us some looks that we actually hadn't studied for. We knew it was not going to be a big chuck of yardage type of day. We knew we'd kind of have to buy our time. I felt like we did that. Once again, we made a few mistakes on offense, but overall we did enough to win. Our defense hung in there playing against some of the most talented guys in this league on offesnse. What can I say about our special teams? Get the ball in Koren Robinson's hands and watch him do his work. Mason (Crosby) kicked the ball well. Overall, it was a great win for us."

(On passing Dan Marino for first place on the NFL's all-time passing yardage list)
"I say it every time this happens: I'm honored, but I would much rather win. The fact that I've played in every game (since my first start) to me is probably my biggest feat. None of these individual records would have happened if it wasn't for the fact that I'd played in every game. To pass a guy like Dan Marino, regardless of what record it is…I've said this all along and I will continue to say this: I've never considered myself in the same league as Dan Marino, maybe the greatest passer ever. The way he did it is probably the way you would coach another guy to do it. The way I've done it, I don't know if you would coach guys to do it that way. To be mentioned in the same breath as him is quite an honor."

(On how he was able to make two interceptions)

"Every game, every time I see the ball thrown, I try to run full speed over there and if the ball is tipped, maybe I can make an interception and if not, if they catch the ball, maybe I can just make a tackle."

(On what enabled him to have three interceptions in the past two weeks)
"Just concentrating on working harder and in meeting rooms and at practice."

(On what happened on Rams RB Steven Jackson's long touchdown run)
"We lost leverage and he bounced it outside. He ran to my right and he cutback left. Maybe because he is that quick or maybe because we were that quick and over-pursued."

(On securing a first round bye in the playoffs)

"It was very important. We get the week off. We get extra time to rest, recover and study our opponent whoever they might be."

(On if he was surprised to be so open on his touchdown catch)
"They were in empty (coverage) and the guy who was supposed to be guarding me jumped the underneath route for whatever reason. It was one of those situations where Brett (Favre) just threw it up and I caught it."

(On if he's expecting to go the Pro Bowl)
"I'm not even worried about it. I won't even be paying attention to it. I'll probably find out from some random person on the street. It would definitely be an honor, but it's not one of my primary goals."

(On catching Brett Favre's record breaking pass)

"I knew it was coming, he gave me the little look and after that I knew I was going to catch it. I just had to make sure to catch the ball and they told us if I caught it, that one would break the record, so I just wanted to make sure I'd go into the record books with him at least on one play."

(On the Packer passing offense)
"I think it's just making plays. We got the opportunity to come out here and make plays. We knew they (Rams) had a great secondary, we just had to make sure to connect on all cylinders and we did that today."

(On clinching a first round bye)
"We were happy. We looked at the scoreboard a couple of times, especially the receiver group. Now we know we have that first round bye, now it's time to get healthy and get ready for the playoffs."

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