MRI reveals good news for Packers star

Test results on Brett Favre's injury confirmed what the Packers organization suspected since the third quarter of Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins – the three-time MVP quarterback suffered nothing more than a sprain to his left knee. Phew!<p>

With two weeks before the Packers host the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football at Lambeau Field, Favre should have enough time to recover and continue his record starting streak for a quarterback. Playing in his 166th straight game Sunday (164 straight starts), Favre was cork-screwed to the ground early in the third quarter by blitzing linebackers LaVar Arrington and Jeremiah Trotter. Favre's left foot was caught underneath him as he was torqued to the ground.

Favre said that he did not hear the knee pop when he fell, and team doctor Patrick McKenzie initially diagnosed a sprain to the lateral collateral ligament. To confirm the diagnosis, Favre underwent an MRI this morning and it showed that there was no damage to Favre's MCL or ACL.

"They said it was a sprain that would get better with time and with ice," said Packers coach/GM Mike Sherman. "I guess it helps that it snowed outside so when he's out in his deer stand, he can knee in the snow."

Favre will not practice this week, but Sherman is giving his team a five-day break after practices on Wednesday and Thursday. When the team returns to practices on Oct. 30, Favre probably will begin practicing. As a precautionary measure, the team ordered a knee brace to give him more lateral support.

"His mental framework right now is very upbeat," Sherman said at an afternoon press conference. "He was this morning. The doctors feel very good about it. We'll keep an eye on him and make sure we don't wear him out in practice. He likes to take all the reps, but that probably will be less than usual."

Doctors said it will take a week to 10 days for the sprain to heal properly, Sherman said.

Fortunately, there was no damage to cartilage in Favre's knee nor any looseness in any of his other ligaments.

"With Brett, he's going to do whatever he has to do to get ready to play Monday night," Sherman said.

Favre is scheduled to conduct a press conference Wednesday.

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