Penalty phase

First he was seeing yellow, then he was seeing red. Packers' coach Mike Sherman has had enough of the penalties that plagued the Packers not only in the Redskins' contest, but seemingly in waves throughout the season.<P>

"There were still more penalties than we'd like to see," Sherman said. "We'll deal with that."

The wave came early in the win over the 'Skins Sunday at Lambeau. Green Bay and Washington combined for 22 penalties - 17 of them in the first half. Most were against the defenses, and early on, most seemed to go against the Packers.

"In an emotional game, there is bound to be a lot of heat, especially when the calls are ticky-tacky," said linebacker Na'il Diggs. "There is not much you can do. Nothing overrules those guys. Just go to the next play.

"They got big penalties that put them in the red zone and we stopped them or held them to three. So, I think we did a great job."

Good point - a pass interference penalty gave Washington a first-and-goal, and later a questionable roughing the passer penalty put them in a similar position. But as the scorebook reads, the Redskins never got into the end zone.

Defense coordinator Ed Donatell was pleased with that aspect of the game, but isn't willing to take that chance again.

"There are days like that. The thing you want to do is keep your focus," Donatell said.

"There were some untimely penalties, that's not us, we don't accept it," Donatell said. "We'll look at it and correct it, make sure our guys use better judgement next time."

Rookie Marques Anderson continued his heads-up, aggressive play. He was the victim of at least one flag that probably never should have been thrown. He was whistled for a personal foul, roughing the quarterback, after a clean hit that knocked Washington rookie QB Patrick Ramsey to the ground. Anderson extended his arm to try to get a piece of the ball, and in the same motion as Ramsey threw, he hit Ramsey's shoulder, knocking him to the grass.

Sherman reported that the official told him that the call might have been blown and the official said he was sorry if it was. Little consolation after the fact.

"It's frustrating, but that's the way it is," Sherman said. "I'm sure some of those panalties went in our favor, as well."

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