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Post-game quotes from Packers, Bears players coaches

On weather conditions

"Well I'll say this ... Chicago handled it a lot better than we did. There's no doubt about that. It's no excuse, regardless of the score today… in all three phases, we did not handle the football very well...we had the ball on the ground too many times. Chicago did not. They handled the ball very well."

"The 49ers game a few years back was a very similar game, but I would say this was worse. It was a lot colder than I recall in the San Francisco game. Yeah these are probably the two worst games that I've coached in."

On the offense not being able to get started
"We didn't do anything very well… Our run blocking was sporadic. It wasn't very good in the second half. Pass protection - we had some breakdowns in protection versus the pressure. And also we shouldn't be throwing the ball on the field that many times particularly in that wind so we were playing uphill, especially when it got to be a three score game."

"We didn't handle the snap very good… I know the ball moved around a couple of times. but really the punt protection… we didn't defend it. We had two problems there. It's part of the game…"

"We did not play very well at all."

On passing the ball
"I did not want ... I don't know how many times we threw today, I haven't seen the statistics, but the plan was not to throw the ball today."

On losing an opportunity for home field advantage in the playoffs
"In the big picture, it's not a setback because our focus is really about improving. And I felt that was important as we prepared for the playoffs. Frankly some of the things that manifested today in my opinion showed up last week against St. Louis. But I thought I addressed them this week in practice and I obviously didn't get that done so that's my responsibility. We need to clean our house starting Wednesday and need to go out and perform well against Detroit. But as far as how we're going to play our players and so forth I'm not ready to answer those questions."

On considering taking Brett out in the 4th Quarter
"No I didn't. I didn't even consider it."

On the Packers' reputation for being a cold weather team:

"Well, had Chicago handled the weather a little worse, I don't think anyone would've complained. We obviously didn't handle it very well, but I've been playing 17 years and those were the worst conditions I've ever played in. Excuse or not, they were, but they handled it better than we did."

On whether the weather played a factor in the five-wide set:
"I'm not going to sit here and make excuses, but that's not the kind of game we wanted to get into today. The game we wanted to get into was embodied by the run by Ryan Grant. He scored a long touchdown, which was a bonus, but we wanted to establish healthy drives with a steady dose of the run. During the course of the week, we didn't think the conditions would be like this, I don't think anyone did. During pre game, it was windy and I tried to gauge where throws would be better suited. I thought I had it figured out and things ended up getting worse by kickoff. I'm sure Chicago felt the same way. Anyone that played in today's conditions knew that it was a toss up where the ball would end up."

On whether the main factor was the wind:
"It was cold. It was cold as hell. I'm not going to lie to you. I haven't thawed out yet. Now, I'm not going to make excuses. Once again, they handled it better than we did. I've played in colder, temperature-wise, but in my 16 years in Green Bay, I've learned that wind means everything. It can be zero degrees and not windy at all and it's a lot easier to manage than 40 mile per hour winds. It's easy to lose focus when the conditions are like they were today."

On the difference in Favre's post-game emotions from last December's game to today's:
"A lot has happened and changed since that game. The circumstances are different. Our team is playing much better and has been more successful this year. We haven't talked a lot about my future. In fact, more than anything, people have been saying, "I don't know why he would retire." That seems like a long time ago and the feeling after today's game is a lot different than the one after last year's game here."

On his feelings regarding homefield advantage:
"Sure, we'd much rather play them in Green Bay, but judging by the way we played today, we may be better off playing somewhere else. I have no idea. I do know this: It can be a distraction. Now we know what's at stake. Let this be our wake-up call."

On getting swept by Chicago in 2007:

"Well, who's the NFC North Champions? I mean, they beat us twice and we don't like to lose to them, but ... bigger picture. We just have to fix our mistakes and move on to next week. There's a lot of season left and we need to continue to move. We still have a lot to play for."

On the Bears opening drive

"The thing I'm most disappointed about for myself and our defense is we didn't match and exceed their intensity. We've done a good job of that on road trips. For whatever reason, we weren't able to do that (today). That's something we'll have to look at. They got the better of us today. I think we're a good football team and we're going to bounce back just fine."

On the wind effecting the snap

"Oh yeah, absolutely. On days like this, with 35-mph winds, that ball's going to move around. The No. 1 priority is to field it cleanly and go from there. I'm a professional. I take every punt as they come. Today, things didn't go very well."

On if dropping the snap of the first punt affected him the rest of the game
"To be honest with you, it didn't get into my head at all. I felt when I had time, when I hit the ball, I hit it well. I hit the ball well in warm ups, in the same conditions."

On the sting of losing homefield advantage in the playoffs:

"It just stings because we didn't play well. I think when you go out and play your best game and things don't go well, I think you can live with it, but today we stunk. I'm not going to take anything away from Chicago. They played a good football game, but we definitely didn't put out our best effort today."

On how the outcome of today's game has affected the collective feelings of the Green Bay Packers:
"Well, that's life. Chicago went out there and won the game and I'm sure they feel great. When you come out of a game with a win, the conditions don't seem to matter much, but obviously when you lose, everything stings a little more. I'm not going to say it's a good lesson, but today's game definitely brought back a little reality."

On playing from behind in the weather conditions

"Playing catch-up is hard because you can't really pass the ball with the wind blowing. It was rough out there."

On the Bears handling the weather conditions better
"I think so, from the standpoint of turnovers. They had the ball on our side of the field just about the whole game. Field position was a plus for them and a negative for us. They took advantage of it, we didn't."

On Bears RB Adrian Peterson
"We had a bunch of missed tackles, but he's a hard runner. I think they did a great job, but we just need to wrap up. We've got to start to make a lot of tackles."


"We talk about all phases contributing to us being able to win. The fans were outstanding on a day like today. We knew we were going against a tough team. Mike has done a great job with the Packers as they go into the playoffs. But for us, we talked about trying to get some work done on these last couple games. Last year, they came in and beat us pretty bad and haven't lost a lot since then, so it was kind of our tone to kick start this next run that hopefully we can make. Offensively, especially early on, we moved the ball a lot, got the running game going with Adrian Peterson, and Garrett Wolfe did some good things for us. Of course, Kyle Orton threw the ball, managed the game, did all of those things. It was good to get some things going on the offensive side. Defensively, it's about take-aways. We talked a lot about not being able to score all year on the defensive side. I don't think we've gone through a season without having at least one defensive score, so it was good to see (Brian) Urlacher get in. He's had two great games back-to-back. Charles Tillman and our special teams have done a great job of them. We had all three phases kicking in today, helping us get a win against a good opponent. Injury-wise, we didn't have a lot of injuries. We had a few injuries that we dealt with, we had a few good players that weren't able to go, but hopefully we'll have them ready to go next week and we'll be at full-force."

"It says a lot to do that. If you look at their record and what they've been able to do against everyone, guys are looking for a chance to play – Jamar Williams and Trumaine McBride, who is playing quite a bit anyway. Alex Brown getting his first start in a while – big interception, sack, playing good ball throughout. The young defensive linemen we brought in last week contributed again. The defense has taken a lot of shots with our play that we've had this year. I thought last week we took a step even though they had a few yards against us, and I really felt this week we took another."

"We talked about three goals. Our ultimate goal is to win the World Championship, but to win the World Championship, normally you have to win the division. Beating your rival is big too. We're disappointed in our season. We played the Packers today, and we couldn't do a lot about that. The only thing we could do was get a win against them and have an opportunity to sweep them, which is saying a lot and it's good for our team to see that we can still play a little bit of football and see the type of team we can be to take care of some things."

"Definitely so. That's what we are as a team. The weather, of course, was a factor, but we're set up to play through conditions like this. It's good to see us where we can run the football and not turn the ball over at all. That was big, of course. We've done a pretty good job of that lately. Then the defense closed out the win."

"They're a good football team. You just look at how they've won. They've beaten a lot of good teams, and they have as good as chance as anyone to make a run at the playoffs."

On the win over the Packers

"This was certainly a big win. It was cold, but I have the beard, so it helped keep me warm. We wanted to get off running the football and control the clock. I think our first drive took ten minutes long and that really set the tempo and got us off to a good start."

On the team's mentality going into the last two games of the season
"You never know how you're going to react. Obviously, we're out of the playoff hunt and to show-up and play well shows a lot of character to be able to show up and play hard and beat a good playoff team like the Packers."
On the play of the offense

"We were finally able to do what we needed to do which was move the ball on offense, put some points up. We did it in an effective way. We took a lot of time that first drive. That's, I think, what really got the game going. We took a lot of time off the clock, the defense made a lot of plays and we made some plays on special teams."

On the play of the team as a whole

"We played well. It's kind of a relief to play a game like this together and win by a wide margin. We played well enough in each phase of the game. It really was a pretty good performance."

On why the team was successful today
"All year we haven't capitalized and we haven't done the things that we did today and that's huge. It just shows you the capability that we have when we are able to put it all together at the right time. We just need to do it more often."

On the special teams play

"Special teams was good today. Coach Toub and the players did a great job of executing the calls that we had out there…I am glad I was able to help end the drought that they had (of not having a blocked punt against them in 12 years)."

On the performance despite being out of the playoff picture
"I think it can be hard to play this game when you aren't playing for a playoff spot or for the Super Bowl. But at the same time, with that being said, every man on this team has pride and doesn't want to be remembered as ‘oh, the Bears are soft.' No one wants to be remembered as a soft player or that we didn't play hard."

On the win despite the harsh elements

"We played good out there today. It was cold, but we had fun. That's what it's all about…we mad plays. I don't think they played their best, I think it was a little bit of what we did and a little of what they did."

On his interception
"To get it against someone who could go down as the best quarterback in NFL history, that's pretty good. That's pretty exciting."

On the weather
"We have played in colder. I believe the Atlanta game in '05 and the Houston game in '04 it was colder, but it was still pretty cold. When the wind blew, it felt like someone was jabbing you in the side. It was pretty bad, but when you are winning and when you win, it's not as cold. It's still cold, but not as cold."

On what was going through his mind during his touchdown

"Scoop it, don't bobble it and make sure that I can make the play. I don't know how much time I had, I just wanted to make sure that I could pick it up clean and just go for the end zone. No one was yelling at me so that's when I figured out that no one was probably close to me."

On being the first team to block a Green Bay punt in 12 years
"I didn't know that they haven't had a punt blocked in 12 years. I knew that this year they had some close calls, but that no one was able to block one. It's just nice to go out there and make some big plays."

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