Sydney Speaks! Very disappointing

Harry Sydney has played in conditions similar to what the Packers and Bears played in on Sunday at Soldier Field, and the former fullback can't believe how the Packers hid under their blankets for three hours while getting embarrassed by the Bears. Sydney takes out his frustration in his column today.

OK, you have to admit I have been pretty positive about what I have seen and wrote about the Packers this year. This team has played its butts off by defying the odds as they have been battling neck-and-neck with the Dallas Cowboys for home-field advantage all year long.

All season even though they might not have played their best they found a way to pull games out. Someone has usually made it happen - one of the playmakers would step up. Some aspect of the team would have come through, either the special teams would make a play like when Jason Hunter caused the fumble and Will Blackmon scored a touchdown, remember that? Or on offense, like the Denver game in sudden death, when Brett Favre threw that beautiful pass down the left sideline right into the waiting arms of Greg Jennings as he sprinted into the end zone to seal the victory in overtime. Then again can you think back to the Kansas City game when Charles Woodson saved the day with that interception for a touchdown?

Please understand that the Packers are a good team but something happened when the they walked onto that field Sunday. To be real honest with you it shocked me. I never thought I'd see this team get slapped in the face and not respond. The Chicago Bears looked them right in the eyes and punched them right between the eyes and basically dared them to do anything about it. When the Packers didn't, the Bears slapped them harder. I thought this team had more fight in it than what I saw and I saw it in every phase of the game. Even if you love them and bleed green and gold and are a faithful follower what you saw had to tick you off. It did for me, so here we go!!!!!!

Sometimes you have to pay attention to what's really going on and not be stubborn and realize it's not a sign of weakness? As I say this I realize that this has been Mike McCarthy's claim to fame, which is his ability to make game-time adjustments, but every now and then he does things to make you say what the @#$$%$@ was that?

I'm not talking about practice patterns, or meetings or any of that stuff. I'm talking about things like this: There were no special teams adjustments, like having the returners move up considering that the wind was blowing up to 40 miles an hour as well as blowing sideways. We could talk about not going with what he does best, which would have been to spread the Bears out and throw, or we could also talk about maybe being more committed to the run, considering the passing game, screen game and the offensive line struggled with pass protection all game long, but I won't. I'm not even going to talk about what happened on special teams, offense and defense because they all had the same theme, so I can put them all in the same category and I will.

First, let me say that I have played a game in bad weather conditions when I was with the 49ers and we went into Soldier Field for the 1989 NFC Championship and spanked the Bears 28-3 in minus-26 degree wind chill with 30-40 mile an hour wind gusts. We were supposed to be the finesse team from the West, so I understand a little about what they faced. I guess that's what this article is all about and that's what I saw last Sunday that really bothered me. The Packers seemed to be trying to find a place to hide for 3 hours while the Bears relished in the fact that they got to relive just for one moment of being the "Bullies of the Midwest." The Bears did what they wanted, when they wanted, and nobody tried to stop them until the end of the game when Nick Barnett acted like he got his feelings hurt, and let the referee put the choke hold on him. I guess that might of gotten him angry because the pounding the Bears' offensive line dished out to him and the rest of the defense sure didn't.

I will simply say how can anyone expect the followers to fight when their leader is looking for a place stay warm?

The Packers let one of the worst offensive running teams in the league treat them like practice players.

Does this mean the Packers aren't a good team? NO WAY!! So what does it mean? Let's just say that I hope they remain road warriors because we know what the weather is like in January in Green Bay, don't we? The only thing I know right now it that the Packers DON'T LIKE AND CAN'T PLAY IN THE COLD!!!!!

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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