Lombardi blog: January edition

Playoff predictions; possible playoff matchups; personnel changes

January 4, 2008
I hate to give predictions because anything can happen, but I figure it might be fun to guess who might win this weekend.

Giants at Tampa - My money is on Jeff Garcia and the Bucs defense. I do not have faith in Eli Manning. He is too up and down. If he is up, the Giants could run away with it, but there is just as much of a chance that he will be down. Also, without Jeremy Shockey, the Giants will have trouble with passing the ball. The Giants can run the ball, so this one could go either way, but I like Garcia. He wins.

Jags at Pittsburgh - Another toss up. The Jags can run the ball and the Steelers are without Willie Parker. David Garrard makes no mistakes but Big Ben has the ability to win the game on his own. I will take the Jags because I figure they will win the turnover battle.

Titans at San Diego - The Titans are injured and even if healthy, they struggle on offense. Their defense is pretty good when Albert Haynesworth plays, but he is nicked up. I have no faith in Norv Turner and little faith is Phillip Rivers, but LT can win it on his own. Tennessee probably has more of a chance with Kerry Collins than Vince Young. I will side with the better running game so it is the Chargers.

Washington at Seattle - This could be Mike Holmgren's last game as Seahawks coach. The Seahawks have the advantage at QB, but Todd Collins has been playing well, so it is a narrow advantage. The Skins have the edge rushing the ball and on defense, so I think they are better than Seattle. They have the momentum which I think is enough.

So the Skins go to Dallas and the Bucs come to Green Bay. The Pats host Jacksonville and the Colts play home against the Chargers. Doubt it will work out that way, but it is fun to guess.

January 2, 2007
Sorry to have taken so long to add to the blog, but I was out of town and did not have access to a computer. Also, the Packers game versus the Lions was not on the TV where I was so I only saw highlights.

Regardless, the Pack finished the season 13-3. They are off till Jan. 12 and play either the Giants, Seahawks or Bucs. Obviously, the Bucs would be the best matchup. I doubt they have ever won a game in cold temperatures. Jeff Garcia scares me. He is a winner. The Bucs are playing good defense but they are from Florida.

The Seahawks, led by Mike Holmgren, will not be worried to play here, but are struggling to run the ball. The Giants are so up and down, I could see them kicking the heck out of the Packers and I could also see the Packers blowing them out big time.

Personnel Changes
It looks like Packer personnel guys Reggie McKenzie and John Schneider are candidates the Falcons GM position. Wonder why John Dorsey got passed by? Not sure I would want to take that job.

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