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Packers fans air out opinions on Belichick, preseason predictions

You've got to be kidding me!
So Todd, let me see if I have this straight. Marion Jones confesses honestly to have cheated with performance enhancing drugs and she is stripped of every and any honor she won while cheating.

On the other hand, "Coach of the Year Bill" cheats and gets a slap on the wrist and gets honored for being the best the league has to offer as a coach. What is the message Roger Gooden, the AP sportwriters, and anyone else involved in this vote sending? The message in this vote kids is that it is OK to cheat. After all, these are grown up, professionals. The end justifies the means.

In college or high school sports, cheaters forfeit of games they have been found to have cheated in. Bill has been documented cheating for at least a period of 2 years including throwing Bellichik's scumbag cinematographer off the Packer sidelines last year. Perfect year? Is it really? Only in the NFL where cheaters don't forfeit games---they just buy forgiveness with a minor fine and a draft choice. Why should I be surprised in a league that puts a pothead (Michael Irvin) in the Hall of Fame ahead of Art Monk?

Mike McCarthy is the NFL Coach of the Year---we are sure glad you are in Green Bay Mike. And you too Ted Thompson. Good for the NFL Alumni Association that apparently has a clue as to what the consequences of cheating and the rewards for playing a clean game should be.
Gregg Petersen, Sig29@aol.com, Columbia, MD

Belichick is a cheater
You get caught cheating and then you're named Coach of The Year????? What am I missing here? Why wasn't the steroid runner named Sport's Illustrated's Person of the year? Or Barry Bonds? I'm sorry...I'm old fashioned I guess. Cheating shouldn't be rewarded!
Ingrid Adams, 2packergirl@charter.net, Jefferson, WI

Green Bay in Review - Beginning to Present
Following are projections and comments by sports analysis on the prognosis of the Packers for 2007:

AZ Republic - Team to ignore - Besides Favre's last year not much to watch here…

SI July 07 - Draft - Packers dropped the ball (No Jamal Reynolds or Ahmad Carroll in this draft)

SI-NFC North -1. Bears 2. Packers 3. Vikings 4. Lions (Final Packers, Vikings, Lions, Bears)

Harry Sydney - Favre's consistency as a starter over the years will never be matched….Oh yeah?

Steve Lawrence - Packers in playoffs (Todd, you're nuts) No, this Packer team isn't playoff caliber.

The negative rhetoric on Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy were loud and clear before the season. Why not be more active in "free agency?" The draft was highly criticized. Was McCarthy the right choice for the Packers? Why not go after Randy Moss? Why Justin Harrell? Brandon Jackson? James Jones? And the other many successes so far……We can all be Monday quarterbacks but has there been a real bust in the draft?

NO!!! Has Mike McCarthy stepped up to the plate as a head NFL coach? YES!!! As Packer Backers we are all grateful for the pleasant surprises enjoyed this season and the accomplishments. Far greater than any of us expected or could imagine. Favre under control. Rookies making an impact. Veterans contributing as they should. Yes, the Packers have a serious shot at the Super Bowl.

Who would have "thunk it?"
Joe Klimoski, BOOPA9@MSN.COM, Chandler, Ariz.

Lawrence due for a serving of crow
Dear Mr. Korth,
Upon reviewing the September 2007 issue of the Packer Report, I believe an updated column is in order from Steve Lawrence is a must. If he is going to make predictions and say you are nuts, he should do so with some basis in fact.

I'm looking forward to his updated expert analysis of your mental health and the Packers season.

Larry Weycker, Lw54636@aol.com

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