Q&A with Frank Walker

Cornerback looks forward to big game against former teammates

Frank Walker, Green Bay's sole unrestricted free agent signing last off-season, spent four seasons with the New York Giants (2003-06) before signing a one-year contract with the Packers last March.

Walker, a reserve cornerback for the Packers, has kept in touch with a number of players from the Giants, especially in recent days. Walker took a few minutes in the Packers locker room today with PackerReport.com managing editor Todd Korth to offer his thoughts on the Giants' secondary and the key to the team's turnaround this season:

Q: It must be fun for you to playing the Giants again, especially for the NFC Championship, right?
Yes, sir. It's definitely a whole lot of fun for me. I've been speaking with a lot of the guys, and we've all been talking and enjoying ourselves."

Q: What can Packers fans expect out of the Giants' secondary?
Their secondary is kind of banged up right now, but (cornerback) Corey Webster has definitely elevated his game a whole lot. I'm guessing that (cornerbacks) Sam Madison and Aaron Ross will be back. (Cornerback) R.W. McQuarters has stepped up the game with two game-ending interceptions in the first two playoff games.

Q: Do you feel Ross will play?
If he can and there is any way, he will (play).

Q: How would you describe the way their secondary plays? Are they physical, or more finesse?
Just a 'press' secondary, you know? Ross is a pretty physical guy. Corey Webster is a ball hog, and Sam Madison is good at the line of scrimmage, press corner.

Q: Who do you keep in touch with from the Giants?
(Safety) Gibril Wilson, Sam Madison, R.W. McQuarters, Corey Webster, Michael Strahan, Osi Umenyiora. For the most part, darn near the whole team. All the guys I always kicked it with while I was up there. We've stayed friends in the off-season.

Q: What do you feel has been the key to the Giants' turnaround since the Packers beat them in Week 2?
The consistency of the quarterback. They always struggled during the second half of the season, and Eli has found a way to get into the fourth quarter and win the games in the second half of the season. That was the whole deal when I was there. We were great for the first eight (games), but the second eight we've always fell apart. This time, they've been able to keep it together.

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