Pressure on Favre?

Quarterback has thrived in Packers offense, and probably will beyond this season

In the midst of all the pre-Championship Game chatter, the question of whether Brett Favre will be under pressure to win has come up a few times. And the answer, at least from this perch in Green Bay, is simply, 'no.' Not anymore than usual, and that seems to be getting less and less as the young Packers mature before our very own eyes.

Favre is in a great situation with the Packers, much better than he ever thought he would be prior to the start of this season. The team is winning. Except for a few of the key skill positions, the team is young. And he is basically directing an offense that has been creating new playmakers with each game, like Ryan Grant, Greg Jennings, and Donald Lee.

Life is as good as ever for the 38-year-old Favre. About the only pressure that he will face on Sunday is whatever the New York Giants can mount against the Packers' improving offensive line, and the pressure to not be careless with the football. But that comes with every game.

To think that Favre is facing pressure to win, so the Packers can advance to the Super Bowl and he can finish his career on a high note is far-fetched. Favre is having more fun than ever playing football in his 17th year in the National Football League, and it would be very surprising if he didn't return for at least another season in 2008.

An ESPN interview with the 44-year-old Vinny Testaverde earlier in the 2007 season stands out in my mind as it relates to Favre. Testaverde was asked why he decided to come back to play football with the Carolina Panthers. At the time, Testaverde was retired and living comfortably at his home in Florida. Testaverde replied by saying he chose to return for three reasons: 1) He still feels he can be productive; 2) He enjoys playing the game; 3) He feels physically capable to compete. Doesn't that sound very familiar to a certain Packers quarterback's reasons for returning to play football in each of the endless number of seasons since the 'retirement' talk began?

Because Favre can answer all three of those questions with an emphatic, 'Heck, yeah,' expect him to be back with the Pack in 2008, and maybe even longer. Even his daughters, according to a recent report out of Mississippi, are pushing him back to play with the Pack. Who knows what he'll decide, be we all kinda know what his decision will be already, right?

Pressure to win? Of course, there's a certain amount of pressure, but no more than usual for the future Hall of Fame quarterback. Fortunately, the Packers still have him at the helm in their biggest game yet this season and that's a pressure that may be too much for the New York Giants to handle.

Todd Korth is managing editor of and Packer Report magazine. E-mail him at

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