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Packers fans sound off in wake of loss to Giants in NFC Championship Game

Packers were clearly out-coached by Giants
Dear Todd,
The "game" in one word - OUTCOACHED! How many times does a corner have to get beat before he backs off the bump and run? How many times does a screen pass have to get blown up before the play is dumped? Where was the vaunted wide receiving core? Three yards to get a first down and the Packers pass the ball 4 yards BEHIND the line of scrimmage? OUTCOACHED.

Whose brilliant idea was the Championship games to be played at the times they were? What is wrong with one game on Saturday afternoon (normal time) and one game on Sunday afternoon (normal time)? The fans are what made the NFL what it is today - not the TV networks! Is it the goal to punish players and fans and teams who live, work, and play in cold weather cities?

All in all it was a great season, great fun, and a great lesson in humility for the Packer Nation everywhere. This game could be a great learning tool for the future of this young team provided the coaching staff teaches RUN, RUN, RUN TO DAYLIGHT! Thanks, Green Bay it was a blast!
Ann M. Crispigna,, Escanaba, MI

Way too many commercials during the game!
Disappointed? Yes, I am, but I'm really pissed at the NFL. Why such a late start? Not only that, but WHY so Many Damn Commercials? The commercials took up OVER 25% of the Game. Two plays and commercials, then 2 plays and commercials. Some one got hurt, then some more commercials, then the ball was punted and some more commercials. Change of possession, then commercials.

How the hell is any team supposed to get in any kind of rythym? Yes, I know they have to have them, but not so often that we lose interest in a game. Maybe they should try using halftime to show them. I taped the game and went and did something else because I got sick of the damn commercials. I will no longer watch the games live. I will tape them and and fast-foward through the commercials. This way all those sponsors out there will now know I won't know who they are and will not be buying their products.

Sorry, gotta go ... seems it's my time for a commercial.
Joseph Kempski,, Belleville, NJ

Thoughts, observations in wake of Championship Game loss
Still in shell shock here but I have some thoughts about this game and this year.

First observation: The New York Giants won't even make the playoffs next year. They are not that good of a team. Sorry, but I watched a team that suddenly everything went right for them. Timing, adjustments it was all magic. Look at the Steelers after they made their run they crashed and burned big time. It always happens, it never fails a team just goes unconscious where everything works and the next year they can't do anything right.

Second: You can have a defensive back field of Herb Adderley, Deion Sanders, Ronnie Lott, and Jack Tatum and if you don't generate a pass rush they will get torched. Everything the Giants threw were timing routes and with no pressure, well, you get good receivers suddenly becoming great receivers. The decision to keep Muir instead of Larry Birdine at the beginning of the season came back to haunt them. They need pass rushers more then they need tackles. While I am thinking of it will someone please tell me what function Michael Montgomery has on the team? Outside of being a warm body so they can have the full complement of 11 on the field at times, has this guy done anything to deserve the money he is being paid?

Third: Someone please tell Mike McCarthy that the Packers play in Green Bay, WI, not Miami, FL. Time to junk that idiotic running scheme and get some road graders to play power football. You have the back in Ryan Grant, but that was pathetic on Sunday. If the opposition maintains discipline the stretch and the cutback is dead in the water. We should have lined up with the two fullbacks, and a tight end and just pounded on them. The Giants were highly susceptible to the power running game, and if you don't believe me ask Marion Barber. The Cowboys just ran it down their throats. Then for some reason they stopped running the ball.

Fourth: Would someone tell Mike McCarthy it is OK to change your game plan if it is not working. Mike and his staff made horrendous decisions and then stuck to them no matter how much evidence was being presented to them. When you persist in doing the same thing over and over and keep getting the same result which is not the result you want then you are staring insanity in the face. McCarthy did not look like a $4,000,000 a year coach.

Fifth: Mike, this is about going to the Super Bowl. It is time to park your arrogance. Two of the three worse games of the year came in terrible conditions. Both of the other teams practiced outdoors to get ready for them. Stop babying your team. The New England Patriots had their worst game of the year against the New York Jets. Bill Belichick's response? He had them outside in the cold in full pads under game conditions to get their focus back. The Patriots are a veteran team and if it is good enough for them, then Mike it just might be good enough for the Packers.

Sixth and final: Ted Thompson, Asante Samuel of the Patriots will be on the open market, so go get him. Re-sign Corey Williams. He has earned it, plus he gives you flexibility at the tackle position. Do you really think that Muir and Colin Cole are better then he is? Get over it Thompson sign the man. For that matter he played better this year than Cullen Jenkins. Draft a left tackle for the future and some power offensive linemen that in December and January in Green Bay will knock people off the ball. You have built a team that is great for a dome, but we don't play in a dome.

There, that is my rant.
John F. King,, Roanoke, VA

What the heck was going on out there?
First it was a surprising season and almost a Cinderella story. I'm happy we made it as far as we did. We certainly got further than any of thought we would. So congrats to the team and coaches for making it as far as they did.

That being said … what the hell happened against the Giants? We did not have the fire and intensity of last Saturday. The Giants wanted it more and we gave them the game ... and that's hard to deal with.

I don't understand why McCarthy didn't deal with Burress much sooner. Burress pretty much ran wild for the better part of three quarters. It's understandable that the Giants weren't affected by the cold as much because their offense was on the field longer ... keeping them active to combat the cold.

It was just a shame to see the fairy tale end with this poison from the Big Apple.
Ingrid Adams,, Jefferson, WI

Losing at home is the worst
Hi Todd,
Well, not the ending that we wanted. In the end, just too many chances handed to the Giants. Stings a bit more because we were at home, but I have to wonder how we would have fared against the Patriots had we advanced. I am of the mentality that I would rather not get to a championship game than to go and lose.
Jason,, Chandler, AZ

McCarthy freezes up in the BIG games
The Packers lacked enthusiasm on offense and Al Harris needed help on defense. Burris was 85% of their offense. The season was fun and exciting, but I think as fans and as an organization we need to have proof the Mac can get these guys up for cold weather and big games.

I think Seattle was a bit of fluke. The 'Hawks play in a weak division and are not a good road team.

But back to BIG games, two losses to the Bears, the loss yesterday, maybe TT will shave some $$ off the contract offer!

It's so hard to watch another team take a trophy on Lambeau Field where the glory and mystique once stood so proud. I guess such does not mean as much to people like McCarthy, Sherman and others. I look at the NE Pats and Tom Brady is on his way to his 4th SB in 7yrs and perhaps his 4th victory.

I will never forgive Bob Harlan and Ron Wolf squandering 10 yrs of the best QB that ever played the game. Much like Miami did to Dan Marino. I know this letter will be boo'ed and jeered, but I would rather be 8-8 then teased.

I am hoping perhaps next year we can put it over the top, should #4 decide to return. I doubt we can do it with Rodgers, as he is hurt after every 35 minutes of play. However I do believe changes need to be made. Let me explain. I think there should be changes on the defensive coaching staff. Considering the talent we have on that side of the ball we should have a much higher level of play. Secondly we still need help at the running game. Lastly we must deal with the issue of interior offensive linemen. Now if #4 does not come back all of this will be a coin toss anyway. Oh, I wish I had a better analogy then "coin toss" but I don't right now. Todd, I am looking forward to FA, the draft and the start of the '08 Training Camp!

Love your commentary, the magazine and the website. Thanks!
Mike Fosso,, Thousand Oaks, CA

Packers probably better off playing on road, or in a dome
As the rest of the Packer fans and family try to thaw out from that devastating loss, I would like to make a few comments:

I believe is was Matt Tevsh that wrote the article " No way Giants win! " As soon as I read it, I thought that was almost as bold and crazy as Tom Brady saying we expect to beat teams by 30 or 40 points! Clearly that writer should re-evaluate his wording at the very least. Now that we know home field has almost no advantage (5 out of 10 teams were visitors ), one might conclude also that the glory days of the cold are over in Green Bay as well.

I know they won't consider it, but I believe the Packers would have had a much better chance in a dome! The Giants were definitely better prepared mentally for the cold than the Packers, much like the second Bears game. You hate to blame a loss on the weather because both teams have to play in it, but it doesn't always give the true picture of talent, just for that moment and those conditions.

Well, so wraps up a wonderfully exciting and very surprising season for the Packers, they showed that they can accomplish much success under the current regime. I give credit to the powers that be for nailing down the new contracts for Ted and Mike, it's just a real shame they couldn't nail down the win too. Next year we start all over again, and if they're lucky once again to reach the playoffs, they may have to do it like the Giants to have a shot … on the road!! Peace to all … Next Year!
Craig R. Schlomer,, Mt. Laurel, N.J.

Questions, advice for Coach McCarthy
Todd ,
Yes, it was a great season, but it ended with a pathetic loss. I'm tired of all the talk and press clippings but no action in the big games. We haven't one a big playoff game since the last Super Bowl win.

1) Coach -- you looked like the Michelin Man in green on the sidelines. Didn't anyone tell you that outfit was for temperatures of at least 30 below?

2) Coach -- why the focus on the screen pass when you haven't been able to run it all year?

3) Coach -- forget about putting balls in the freezer. It's silly. Of course the ball will be colder and harder. Deal with it. Pick the ball up, Robinson and Bush.

4) Coach -- your team played scared the whole game except for the Driver catch and run. Your team played scared in the NFC Championship Game at Lambeau Field.

5) Coach -- where were the offense, defense and specail teams?

6) Coach -- you and Coach Sherman have destroyed the Lambeau Mystique. There is no Lambeau Mystique. Not anymore.

7) Coach -- were you too focused on your new contract? $1 million per quarter (that is $1 million every 3 months) for this? Sounds absurd to me!

8) Coach -- you were beat by a lesser team but one that wanted it more. That's pathetic.
Bobio,, Minnetonka, MN

Still scratching head over decisions and/or lack of adjustments
Hi Todd,
As a longtime Packer fan, this game provided some very glaring problems and mistakes that need to be addressed:

1. The game plan was bizarre since the coaching staff already knew what the weather was going to be like. The timing plays such as the screens and longer passes did not work since the Packers practice one place and played the game on the frozen tundra. Even worse the Giants got it right since they executed short passes. What was even more shocking is that in overtime this obvious strategy was still not even realized by the Packers.

2. Why Al Harris was allowed to get so emotionally involved with Burress, who was not even 100%, and get him out of his normal game I do not know but the coaches should have stepped in.

3. The offensive game plan really needs to work on taking more time off the clock so the defense can rest. You can tell by the second quarter when a Packer game plan is going to be ugly. What is so shocking is the real lack of halftime adjustments by the offense.

This championship game was really strange to watch. One thing that really stood out was that the Packers, not the Giants, had more problems executing on the frozen tundra. For the offense to be unprepared, out-coached and out-played in a championship game at home on the frozen tundra is just ____________ .
Mark P. Donaldson,, Stanwood, MI

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