Sydney Speaks! A team game's Harry Sydney grades individuals on offense and coaching in his column today

Now that the season is over, I look back at the makeup of this team and have to assess who played well and who didn't. Of course, with this team finishing the regular season at 13-3 everyone would think that all the grades would be very good, but that's not really the case is it? Did this team really play as well as it could have? I believe they came close to playing up to their potential in two games - one was against Minnesota and against the Seahawks, but besides that they never hit on all cylinders. So now it's time give them grades, so let's start!!!!!

Coaching: B Even though I thought that Mike McCarthy could have been coach of the year he still made his share of mistakes. As much has he did a good job making game day adjustments in the big games he seemed to lose focus on how to put his players in the best position to be successful on the offense.

Against the Cowboys he forgot what this offense did best, and against the Giants he forgot that Ryan Grant rushed for over 200 yards the week before. Also, some of his clock management left me scratching my head.

Defensively, I thought there were less mental breakdowns than before so they improved in that aspect. Also, I have to believe that special teams got better, winning three games for them this year. But every part of this team should get better next year if it does the right things with the draft and free agency.


Brett Favre: B
For the most part he played under control. He allowed his receivers to use their athletic ability by putting the balls in position that they could make an easy catch, which allowed them to run after the catch. But in the biggest game of the year against the Giants he tried to do too much, which cost the team. He finally looked his age in that game. The team needed him to make it happen and he couldn't which was evident by that throw in overtime.

Aaron Rodgers: C- When we saw him against the Cowboys he looked good, but he seems to have trouble staying healthy.

Running backs
Ryan Grant: A-
Everything they got from him was a bonus. He brought the running game back from the dead. He was the most productive back the second half of the season. He might just be the MVP of the offense. He got better and better as the season went on even though he seemed to be running very timidly against the Giants like he was scared to fumble. He changed the face of the offense!!!!

Brandon Jackson: C- Even though I'm really not a fan of his because I think he brings nothing to the game, he didn't hurt the team. Then again he didn't help it, either. He's always a guy that you are looking to replace.

Vernand Morency: D I actually thought he would be better than he was. He showed burst and quickness, but nothing came from it except he was a very good blocker when it came to pass protection he's very replaceable.

John Kuhn: C He did what they asked of him, but special teams was really his thing and he did it well.

Korey Hall: C You could have put Kuhn's jersey on him and you wouldn't notice the difference.

Wide receivers
Donald Driver: B+
He did everything they asked of him. He was their leader and made the crucial catches to keep drives alive.

Koren Robinson: D I thought he would be better because of his athletic ability, but he never emerged as a difference maker. He had some good kick off returns but he left me wanting more but not getting it.

Ruvell Martin: C- He usually made the most of his opportunity. He's an outside go route runner, not a post runner.

Greg Jennings: B He was the big play threat, but unfortunately he dropped to many easy catches throughout the year.

James Jones: C He showed his ability to catch with his hands and get separation from his defenders, which surprised many people.

Tight ends
Donald Lee: D
Didn't drop as many balls but was too inconsistent. Some days he was a target, but other games he disappeared and when it came to blocking let's just say it wasn't his thing.

Bubba Franks: D He became just another guy, except for his heads up play against Seattle when he stretched for the first down.

Ryan Krause: Incomplete WHO???

Offensive line
Junius Coston: D
Can't stay healthy, and when he was he didn't get the job done. This experiment needs to be over.

Scott Wells:

C He was the anchor and did a very good job being the quarterback of the line directing traffic. Mark Tauscher: B Still one of the best tackles in the game

Jason Spitz: D Another body that could be replaced.

Daryn Colledge: D- Too smart to be an offensive lineman. Thinks too much. He needs to be more physical, but I don't think he can be.

Tony Moll: Incomplete Another body will do. Someone else can do what he did.

Chad Clifton: B If he can stay healthy he will protect Brett or Aaron for many years at a very high level.

This team was 13-3 with the ability to get so much better. As you can see offensively it did some very good things without, what I would call, great individual players. Then again this is why it's A TEAM GAME!!!!

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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