Packers prospect: Philip Wheeler's Ed Thompson was at the recent Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., and had a chance to meet with Georgia Tech linebacker Philip Wheeler, who may be on Green Bay's radar for the upcoming NFL draft.

Ed Thompson: What's the Senior Bowl week been like for you?
Philip Wheeler: It's a lot of fun. I'm playing against the best guys in the nation and I get to showcase what I can do against some top players; even though we did play some of these top players during the season. I get a chance to go back out and redeem myself if I didn't do too well before. (laughs)

Thompson: For football fans who may not have seen you play before, describe what kind of player you are.
Wheeler: Lately I've gotten bigger, so I hit harder now. At 245 (pounds), I feel like I can run at the same speed. I'm a very good blitzer. I'm very versatile; I can play outside or inside as I showed throughout Senior Bowl week and throughout my whole career.

Thompson: Do you see yourself as a good fit in a Cover-2 scheme?
Wheeler: Yes, I think so. I used to consider myself just like a Cato June. My sophomore year of starting, I idolized his game. And I think I can play the same position that he played so well for the Colts.

Wheeler, making a tackle, says that he spoke with many NFL teams at the Senior Bowl
Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images
Thompson: What are team representatives saying they like about you?
Wheeler: They say I'm a good blitzer, I take on the fullback pretty well with my heavier weight, and so far they like me in the box-area.

Thompson: What was your motivation to add some weight? And how did you do it?
Wheeler: I've just been working hard. I put on muscle weight. I've been working out during the three weeks before this, and I've gained pounds working out two times a day, everyday except Sundays. So I've really been getting at it and working hard. I'm trying to get my muscle weight up and I'm feeling stronger and knocking people around.

Thompson: What teams have you talked with?
Wheeler: Most of the teams here. I've talked to a lot of the teams here; just everybody. Everybody who's looking at me, I'm looking at them.

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