Sydney Speaks! It's about time

Free agency is approaching, but a certain quarterback on the Green Bay Packers has yet to decide if he wants to continue playing football.'s Harry Sydney says there is no better time than now for that quarterback to decide what he wants to do in 2008.

Now that the Packers football season is officially over and everything about the season has been written and said, it's time to look forward to 2008. The Giants won the Super Bowl. The NFC won the Pro Bowl and the Packers coaching staff got a chance to do some major recruiting at the Pro Bowl just in time for free agency.

The Packers made the necessary move by replacing Andrew Brandt with Russ Ball and the greatest thing was that they didn't make it some drawn out process. Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy knew they had a hole to fill and they filled it with a familiar face.

Everything the Packers have done this offseason has been timely. They signed Ted Thompson to his extension and then they rewarded Mike McCarthy with a new contract because he earned it. There was no dragging it out, and hopefully someone else will get the point … are you wondering who I might be talking about?

You got it!!!!It's time for Brett Favre to tell the world what he is going to do. I don't want to hear any crap about how hard it is to decide because for the last four years this saga has been going on.

I can't tell him what to do, but for me this would be an easy decision and here's why: For most of the year he looked like he was enjoying football and that might have been because he didn't have the pressure to have to do it all by himself. He also was surrounded by perhaps the best group of receivers assembled in the game, and they will only get better. The only time he looked like he couldn't do it anymore or struggled was against the Cowboys, or perhaps the Bears, but I don't know if it was the Bears or the weather. At least that's what I want to believe. Some of that I have to contribute to Mike McCarthy's game plan as well because they never seemed to get in any form of rhythm because they forgot what they had done on offense to be successful. Unfortunately Brett's performance indicated that.

Then, of course, we have to re-live the NFC Championship Game when Brett wasn't at his best. Of course many talk about that bad throw in overtime that sealed the Packers fate, but there were so many others. As good as he was last year how long can he really do it?

Everyone wants to make a big deal about the youth of the Packers and now it's time to look at the age of Brett Favre, isn't it? I really believe that Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy have done such a great job of molding this team that I don't think this team needs Brett Favre to win anymore. It would be nice for Brett to come back, but it's not a necessity like it has been in the past.

In years past when Brett was playing the ‘should I play or not play' crap, the organization was holding its breath. Now the train is rolling forward and they have a stronger defense than in the past, which should be the strength of the team for years to come.

Now would be the ideal time for Brett to announce that he will be back because of the fact that this team really has some momentum and might need to be players in free agency. So, if he would say that he was coming back and liked the direction the team is going in would feel that others especially certain free agents would notice. In other words it might not help, but it certainly wouldn't hurt would it?

I know many think that he has earned the right to take his time, and maybe he has, but he must realize that his decision does affect others and that it's just not about him and his family. Once you become part of a team the other players and coaches are your family as well. Do I expect him to come back? Yes, I do because I think it would be a shame if the last throw in his legacy was the throw that ended the Packers' miracle season.

The thing is either way I will respect his decision just like all of you will. We will miss Brett if he goes, and embrace him if he stays. Everything about life is making hard decisions, so hopefully he has weighed all his options and is ready to make up his mind because IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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