Sydney Speaks! No time to snooze and lose!

Where do the Green Bay Packers need the most help on their roster?'s Harry Sydney offers his thoughts and which player general manager Ted Thompson should do his best to obtain this offseason.

With the free agency market about to start everyone is wondering what Ted Thompson will do. Will he sit tight with all that money that the Packers have in the salary cap pool, or will he go out and get the help that the Packers need to get over the hump? Not only that but where do they really need the help?

The reason I say that is because just getting to the NFC Championship Game isn't enough, and never has been. Professional football is about winning Super Bowls, and that's why coaches coach and why players play, or at least it should be. Coming in second place is only for those who can't be first. Every coach, player, scout, and general manager should strive to achieve the ultimate and that happens when you put that ring on your finger.

I believe that Ted Thompson just might be at a crossroads because in order for the Packers to get there they just might have to make a bold move. This is what I mean!!!

In many publications I keep reading about what the Packers need, and I really believe so many are missing the boat. Some think that the Packers' biggest need is secondary help because Charles Woodson and Al Harris are getting old, and it almost makes me laugh. Not because they are getting old, but because they don't understand that Tramon Williams and Will Blackmon have all the tools necessary to replace either one of the two in time.

Everyone wants to jump on Al Harris for being what he is, which is an aggressive hands on corner my problem wasn't him when they played the Giants my problem was that Bob Sanders, and for that matter Mike McCarthy, for not being smart enough to make better adjustments, like backing Al off because Burress couldn't out-run him, or they could have put Charles Woodson on him because of the different technique.

Then another magazine says that the Packers could use offensive line help. They do need a nasty guard, one that isn't going to take any crap from anyone and, unfortunately, Ted Thompson had an opportunity to grab Mike Wahle when Carolina cut him but by the time they showed interest in him the Seahawks signed him.

Another position one might say that this team could use a legit tight end and I could agree with that, but then again how many times does the tight end really get the ball unless on the goal line or as an afterthought check down? It doesn't matter that they cut Bubba Franks. Between the emergence of Ryan Grant, Greg Jennings, James Jones and the play-making ability of Donald Driver, how much of the offense will be generated to make the tight end a primary focus? Remember the Packers are not the Colts, and there is no Dallas Clark on this team.

I also know that Ryan Grant came from nowhere, but the fact is that he is here now and had an incredible year so probably the focus now is to find a good backup and a third down back that can make the difference. I never thought that Tony Fisher would be missed so much.

So far everyone we have been talking about, except at guard positions, are backups, so let's deal with the position that they need to have a sudden impact and that's the defensive end position. This is what I would do now that the impact players at defensive end have been tagged. It's clear that Jared Allen isn't going anywhere, so if I were the Packers I would make it happen by going after Jason Taylor. I would offer Miami the Packers' first round pick and sweeten it with possibly Nick Collins or whatever they need within reason. Jason wants out of Miami and could you imagine him on the opposite side of Aaron Kampman? I say this because we know the Dolphins are cleaning house and could use draft picks. Where the Packers are picking, are they really going to get a starter? Probably not. Jason, I believe, has about three excellent years left in him. As far as I know he would be a perfect fit. He's a hard worker and fits the Packer People mold.

I know teams don't want to trade anymore in the NFL, but as I see it this could be a win-in situation for both teams. The Dolphins could get what they need to help jump-start their organization as they try to climb out of the cellar. Then the Packers could get that missing link necessary to put pressure on quarterbacks, hich I believe has stopped them from being one of the elite teams. I know they just tagged Corey Williams and I simply say WHY???

Last year they had a chance to grab Randy Moss and chose not to. Even though I didn't like it, I understood it. Now a year later I believe the Packers have another opportunity to really improve this ball club, so DON'T SNOOZE AND LOSE!!!!!!

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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