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O-line shuffle

Left tackle Chad Clifton's "questionable" listing on the injury report reads a lot differently than the same designation given QB Brett Favre. In Clifton's case, that's a questionable leaning toward doubtful.<p>

Clifton, hampered by a knee injury, is the only player who didn't practice Wednesday. That makes it likely that center Mike Flanagan will have to take his place again this week.

"I'm holding out hope that Cliffy will be there," Flanagan said.

If not, Flanagan will move to left tackle and Frank Winters will return to center. Flanagan had to assume the left tackle role Oct. 20 vs. Washington and made an impact against the formidable Bruce Smith.

This week won't get any easier for Flanagan. He would face Miami's Jason Taylor.

"He is just relentless. He is going to come at you all the time, every play, non-stop," Flanagan said. "I think he's a better player than I played against last week. He's a better player than Bruce is. I'm not going to sit here and say in Smith's prime, I'm not comparing them, but right now.

"(Taylor) has a lot of speed coming off the corner. He's a savvy player."

With Smith in the rearview mirrow and Taylor in his sights, Flanagan is working hard to prepare to protect the quarterback, just in case.

"I'm preparing like I'm goint to play left tackle," At least today - I mean, you never know. (Clifton) could be back out there tomorrow and I'd be back at center."

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