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Packers fans air out thoughts on Williams; importance of re-signing Cole; Packers offseason

Work a trade with the Chiefs to get Allen!
I am curious about something. You have two teams with needs - the Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. I believe to get Jared Allen would go a long way towards getting the Packers to a Super Bowl.

The Packers should trade Williams for Allen and toss in one of the young offensive linemen, and even a low second day draft choice, and/or Vernand Morency for that matter.

I do believe that Allen would be worth it. This way you get something of value for Williams. Plus, the Chiefs get a defensive lineman and more critically a young and upcoming offensive linemen. If they want more as thin at running back as they are they get a backup for Johnson and an additional draft choice.

There, that is my rant.
John F. King, jdripper07@gmail.com, Roanoke, VA

Packers can't afford to let Cole get away
Regarding the article discussing Morency & Cole in relation to the Free Agency period which begins on February 29.

Of course, both players will be expected to compete for a position on the team - that's a no-brainer. But, I do believe that the Packers would be making a HUGE mistake if they let Colin Cole get away, especially. Morency has proved himself in some situations, and not so much in others, which is where Ryan Grant comes in. But Colin Cole is a whole other story, which I view as being very similar to Johnny Jolly and his work ethic out there on the field and in the film room reviewing video.

The loss of both Johnny Jolly and Colin Cole was incredibly devastating to the Bob Sanders' vanilla defense, as they made it not so vanilla. My hats are off to Corey Williams, and especially Ryan Pickett for holding the line. But having Jolly & Cole (both) in there was a godsend.

Back when Cole came onboard, it took about three games, and I was ready to hand him the Gilbert Brown gravedigger shovel. (IPB actually has the very first platinum Gravedigger Shovel ever made - it was a gift from his Staff, while the Club helped his Football Camp in purchasing quite a few of his new books).

Colin Cole has a BIG-time motor on him and his attitude on the field is to let his play do his talking out there. Very rarely do you ever see him blow steam at the refs or other players. The same goes with Johnny Jolly and the Packer Report writeup about Johnny, early on, was a righteous piece of work - good job on that.

Cole is definitely worth keeping. The Packers need to make Colin Cole feel appreciated and get him to WANT to stay a Packer. He is essential out there on that defensive crew. Maybe you could put a good word in for him ... how about it?
Tony LaRussa, President - IndyPackerBackers Club, ipbprez@gmail.com, Indianapolis, IN

Not surprised by Grant's big season
Hello Todd,
Yes, there were some pleasant surprises in 2007. I, for one, did expect our Pack to go 10-6 or 11-5 and take the division. I could see where Chicago and Detroit would probably falter and Minnesota just didn't have enough. I did not however see the Packers making it past the second round of the playoffs, that is, if they made it past the first round. I just didn't think they had the running game to go far in the end.

Ryan Grant is another story.When they picked him up from New York I thought it may have been the trade of the decade. I live in South Bend, IN, and am a Notre Dame fan and have been watching Grant for a few years. I still haven't figured out why he wasn't a starter in his early years at ND. Every time he carried he showed his talent and ability. When he arrived at GB I kept wondering how long it would be before Coach Mike McCarthy saw what he had and moved him to start. Ryan is no breakaway runner, but has a good burst. He is no Earl Campbell, but does have powerful legs. He is no Walter Payton, but he can juke and jive. He has the ability to shed the first contact and has an uncanny ability to see the hole as it is starting to open. He usually has his shoulders square to the line and it is only when they can get to him in the backfield before he is square when he gets tackled for a loss. He is a north and south runner, always looking for that extra yard. He may not be at the top in any one category for a running back, but he has a high level in most of the categories. He is just a very, very good all around running back.

No, I was not surprised by his success when he got his chance. He plays 100% every play. Hey, he has soft hands too! WOW! Well, thanks for your time. Packer fan since 1958 and now shareholder, too. Guess I am a dyed in the wool GREEN BAY PACKER.
Johnnie Holston, Johnnie2944@aol.com, South Bend, IN

Packers' defense needs to blitz more, like Giants
Hi Todd,
After watching the SB and seeing the Giants defense manhandle the Patriots OL's. Do you see McCarthy trying to get Sanders to come up with ways to disguise blitzes? Do you forsee McCarthy bringing in some assistant defensive coaches that can help us do that? If the Packers were to have played the Patriots, the Packers would have been toasted by that offense. There was no way our defense would have been able to put the same amount of pressure that the Giants put on the Pats.

Do you forsee Green Bay signing any of these TE's they are free agents? Dallas Clark, Ben Utecht and Bryan Fletcher?

Well, looking forward to the draft now.
Lou, louiem007@bellsouth.net, Boca Raton, FL
As you know, the NFL is a copycat league. So, if the Giants were successful in getting to the quarterback throughout the postseason with a very strong defensive line to win the Super Bowl, look for other teams to do the same, including the Packers. Corey Williams will be back, and a healthy Johnny Jolly and Colin Cole is good for the interior of the line. I do agree with you that the Packers need more pressure from their ends, and should blitz a little more with their linebackers next season. Regarding signing a free agent tight end, I don't see the Packers going after any of the three that you mentioned. They have Donald Lee and Tory Humphrey – two young, solid players. I feel the Packers will select a TE in the upcoming NFL draft.
Todd Korth

Content to sit back and watch offseason unfold
I pretty much at this point am not really going to spend much time any more speculating, commenting, or getting emotional conversations-emails with other Packer Brethren, and have cut down on writing the reporters. Why? Because of what I've learned from Thompson over the last three years and how he operates. I've always been pretty all right with the hiring of McCarthy. I still question some of his game plans, and question his ability to change during a game, but he's done a great job and deserves credit.

First, let me say Thompson's done a very good job and he deserved his extension and pats on the back. I predicted the Pack would go 10-6, so my expectations were exceeded. I think Thompson was lucky in that because he had Favre, which allowed the team around him to grow quicker and wiser especially receivers, Rodgers etc. and allow them to win a lot more games.

But in a lot of ways I think he's made your job harder. I would think especially to try to speculate or figure him out and write about what he is doing, but it usually seems after the fact. One, I think for the most part his communication skills with the public really suck, nor does he feel obligated. Listening to his speeches, interviews, or explanations just leave me scratching my head and like feeling …this was a waste of time.

His draft picks have been good and they could become better, but has he really hit a home run with any one yet? Maybe Jennings, maybe James Jones some day. Hawk has been OK to good, but not a game-changing player. Mason Crosby I think will be a good one for years to come. We'll have to wait on the offensive line over the next couple of years, maybe Johnny Jolly.

I really think he laid an egg with Harrell, one dimensional guy who game into camp fat & out of shape. He had his chances this season and did nothing. I hope I am totally wrong. And what happened to grooming and taking care of our own? He could have signed a multi-dimensional Corey Williams for less last year.

In free agency I still think he should have signed Randy Moss and that would have put us over the top, but I am happy with the receiving corp and direction it is going. In three years of free agency he has signed Pickett and Woodson - come on!! He doesn't seem to be into plugging in a good free agent for a 2-3 year stint, like Wolf did, but everything must come via the draft, or released free agents.

We are so close, and with 1 or 2 game changing players I think would help us get to the Big Show and the promised land, and another Lambardi Trophy. But my days of spending much time with figuring out or even voicing an opinion regarding Thompson's direction, or Packer decisions, are pretty much over because that is pretty much a waste of time and going nowhere.

Have a great off season!
Jan Mandel, janmandel@cox.net, Phx. AZ

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