Sydney Speaks! As good a time as any

As Brett Favre leaves the Green Bay Packers hanging in the wind this offseason with his indecision about his football future, Harry Sydney gets a little more agitated. The former fullback and assistant coach releases some steam in his column today.

Before I get into this article, I feel I must warn you that I might just hurt some of your feelings, depending what side of the line you are on. Most of you are smart intelligent individuals, regardless of whether you bleed green and gold or think with your heart, not your head. Of course, you know what I'm talking about don't you?

It's about one of the greatest competitors that have ever walked on any field, court or golf course, knowing when it's time to say something. Many people that worship Tiger Woods often get mad at him because he doesn't jump on political issues, such as being a figure head for racial equality. That doesn't mean they don't respect him. They still understand his greatness.

This is about Brett Favre taking the Packer Nation for another ride down the same old tired road. You know that ride. I'm talking about whether you agree with it or not. I don't care if he has earned the right or not, enough is enough.

In the last several days Brett Favre had plenty of opportunities to set the record straight and even come to the rescue of the newly elected President Mark Murphy, but he chose not to. If you remember last week Murphy, at a luncheon, said he expected that Brett would decide on his future very soon. For that matter, Murphy even thought before free agency. DID YOU HEAR ANYTHING? I didn't!!

Brett, way to let the new president swing in the wind as if he has no clue as to what he was talking about. Do you think that might have been an opportunity to show some kind of loyalty to someone other than himself?

Ted Thompson just pulled of a great move recently by tagging Corey Williams then trading him to Cleveland for cap relief as well as picking up another draft pick. The move positioned this team for all types of possibilities to help this team to remain successful. Right now this team is positioning for a serious run. This is a 13-3 team, not a 4-12 team anymore, so I'm just wondering what more does this team have to do for Brett to call off this annual event - THE UNDECIDED.

Not only could Brett have saved Mark Murphy, but last week there was also a problem with the Packers web site, which flashed that Brett had retired. Everyone almost broke into a cold sweat. Wasn't that another time that Brett Favre, the team player, could have come to the rescue and announced something? He could have said ‘yes, it was true,' or ‘no it's not,' but he did nothing but watch everyone squirm.

Another thing that just amazes me is that we often hear that Brett and Mike McCarthy talked, or Brett talked with Ted Thompson. For that matter he supposedly talked with Mark Murphy. My question is simple: What do they talk about? Isn't this situation like sitting in a room with a 4,000-pound elephant and everyone acts like nobody sees it, but they all do? How can there be any conversation that doesn't end up at the same place, or does everyone tip-toe, making sure that they just talk about golf or the weather.

Please don't believe that Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson aren't hardcore football people because they are almost 95% of every waking moment dedicated to how they can get better and win. If you think Brett's not making a decision isn't affecting anything with them, you need to check yourself. It has everything to do with them and this team and you the fans, but as I said earlier, many want to give him that ‘OH, BRETT, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING' PASS.

The team's annual Fan Fest is this weekend. At this event the fans get to talk with many of the Packers from Mark Murphy to Ted Thompson, as well as many players. Mike McCarthy usually makes all of his assistant coaches available as well because he knows the importance of loyalty. The whole organization tries to give back to all of its faithful followers. It's an awesome event for the whole family. Present players will be there, but many from the past as well for those that like to take the walk down memory lane.

This is that time of the year when everything starts to happen. Free agency is in full swing and at Fan Fest the coaches as well as Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy should get asked about the future of this team, and they should be able to address it and know what to say. So hopefully Brett will stop playing with the emotions of his faithful because at Fan Fest it's AS GOOD A TIME AS ANY to be a team player!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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