Here is want Miami Dolphins head coach Dave Wannstedt had to say about the Green Bay Packers in the last two days:<p>

(On the opportunity to play against Brett Favre on Monday night) - "I think our guys are excited about playing. Anytime you get a chance to play against a future Hall of Fame quarterback it is exciting. Our defense looks forward to challenges. This is as big of a challenge as we have had all year long. No question about that."

(On whether he is surprised the team is this loose)

"No, not when they are working the way they are. It is good. I want it to be upbeat. We need to feel good about ourselves. As long as the work is productive, we need to be excited about playing."

(On whether he is concerned about playing in the cold)

"No, there is nothing we can do about it. We will deal with it. I talked a little about it on Wednesday. We went to see a movie on Monday. We have to deal with it. It will be different, but I think we have a strong-minded group. We can't use anything as an excuse."

(On Green Bay's defense)

"There defense has gotten better and better every week. You can see the improvement. They have 23 caused turnovers on the year and a plus 12 (turnover ratio) as a team. Brett (Favre) hasn't turned it over much, but they have created an awful lot of strips and fumbles. They are very aggressive. They run hard and mix in the blitz. They are an excellent group."

(On how important it is to establish a running game)

"I think the running game on both sides is probably going to be the difference in the game. Everybody is talking about Ray (Lucas) and (Brett) Favre. I think it is going to be trying to contain their running game and get ours going."

On how playing on Monday night and in back to back road games affects the team's schedule)

"It really is a killer for the coaches more than anything. Monday's are big workdays for us. After we get done with the players, we'll meet until nine or ten o'clock on Monday night, getting started on the next week's game plan. We have to take a bunch of materials with us. We'll work on the Jets. We'll get some break downs and we'll do some stuff up in Green Bay for the Jets from a computer breakdown standpoint. We won't do any game planning, obviously, but we'll get all of the break down stuff done and get it into the computer. Tuesday is obviously different because we are in here at 6:30 or 7 o'clock and we start our meetings at 7:30. We'll be getting off the plane at about 6:30 or 7 o'clock. So it makes it a difficult week for the coaching staff and for the players, particularly when you have road games."

(On whether playing a team in the division helps with the tight schedule)

"It will because the Jets haven't changed coordinators or really haven't changed much. We've done a lot of the breakdown work on them. That will help because it is a division game and we did work on these guys in the summer. Mel (Phillips) and Bill (Lewis) have most of their passes broken down and Judd (Garrett) and Robert Nunn both have all of the stuff in the computers already."

(On whether he ever considered traveling to Green Bay a day early to acclimate the players to the cold weather)

"No, not really. I think the biggest thing that bothers players, playing in the heat is that your body is going to sweat and you can't control it. The humidity tires you out and you don't get tired playing in the cold. If you're strong minded enough to deal with the weather, conditioning isn't going to be a factor."

(On the team's injured players)

"Tim (Bowens) practiced and did everything. Twan (Russell), Trent (Gamble) and (Mark) Dixon practiced. We haven't made any decisions on starters yet and probably won't until Monday. Trent is close. I'm not sure if he's totally ready yet to be honest with you. With Twan, we're looking at a number of different scenarios, but it's great to have all of those guys back."

(On the play of Jamar Fletcher in recent weeks)

"Jamar is playing good and steady. He's made a lot of progress. Unfortunately as a corner, unless you get interceptions or give up touchdowns, you don't get talked about that much. He understands the defense a lot more. I know he is playing with a lot of confidence. The thing about him is he gets tested in every ballgame. People are going to test him. He has really met the challenge in the last four or five weeks. He really has played well. I'm really pleased."

(On whether he is affected by the fact that while he was in Chicago, he did not win in Green Bay)

"No. Not at all. It just came down to blocking and tackling. They blocked better and tackled better than we did and they threw more touchdown passes."

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