Here are some of Green Bay Packers coach/general manager Mike Sherman's comments on the Miami Dolphins:<p>

on Ricky Williams' role in Miami vs. New Orleans:

"I think the offense is geared around Ricky. He's going to carry the ball probably about 33 times a game. He's also catching the ball. He has 17 catches out of the backfield. I think he's more involved in the passing game here than he was in New Orleans. He's the focal point of their offense."

on cornerbacks Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison:

"They probably have two of the best combinations in the league right now. They are excellent, excellent cornerbacks. Our receivers definitely will be challenged by these guys. They've got to know where they are. They will be right in their face every single play. They play a lot of ‘four' coverage, but they also lock up and play a lot of ‘man' on those receivers, so it's going to be a challenge for us."

on Green Bay's receivers and his confidence in them:

"I feel confident in the guys that we have that they will study and will work. They will be prepared for the football game. They've got some good matchups. This is going to be a real challenge for these guys, as it will for the entire team. The offensive line has a great matchup. The (Miami) defensive front seven is extraordinary."

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