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Packers fans offer their reaction to Favre's retirement

Favre makes tough, but wise decision
Hello Todd; I just want to say after reading Favre's reasons for not coming back I feel rather selfish. I really wanted him to play. But I will say one thing about Mr. Brett Favre: Not only is he a great football player and person, but a very wise man. He is very intelligent and he thought about this playing again over, and he will I feel be comfortable with leaving the game he loved so much.

I wish you the very best in life Brett Favre it was an honor to have watched you and get to know you from a fans view. I wish I could have been lucky enough to have had a friend like you.
Jerry Ingaldi, jerry04pack@msn.com, Erie, PA

Favre's retirement creates a huge void
Todd, I think I understand Brett's decision. Do you know the song "It's not easy to be me"? I think that sums it up ... it got harder and harder to be the hero and icon. We were all so blessed to have this man. I was a Packer fan of course, but really became a die-hard fan when Brett rode into town. Like many, a part of me just aches and I feel a huge hole.

I feel honored to have gotten his autograph and experienced Packer pride through him. He is so right ... when he laughed, we laughed. When he cheered, we cheered. When he cried, we cried … and cry we did yesterday (March 6).
Ingrid Adams, 2packergirl@charter.net, Jefferson, WI

Who will be next ‘face' of the Packers?
Packer Report,
Now that BRETT has decided to step down, the PACKERS have to step up and establish a signature player like he was. When you heard BRETTs name, you automatically associated it with the PACK. It is the same with San Diego & Tomlinson -- Pitts & Rothlesberger and so on.

The PACK had REGGIE and FAVRE. We need to establish the player who everyone will associate with the PACK. It could be DRIVER, HAWK, KAMPMANN or someone else in free agency.

Thanks for listening to me.
John McNichol, frzntundra@gbpackersfan.com, Altoona, PA

Sydney puts Favre's retirement into best context
Harry Sydney,
I believe that you put everything in the best context (click here for column) that I have seen about Brett's retirement. I can well imagine that he is mentally exhausted and though he did not have any major devastating injuries, getting knocked around for weeks on end during training camp, practice, and games had to take a toll on the body.

Of course, that is just on him, that is not say what his wife and family endured watching him play for all those years. In Deanna's book, she alluded to the fact that she was scared to death every week of Brett getting hurt so that had to take a mental toll on her, too.

The bottom line here, thank you for the great summary of his retirement.
Maggie Guadarrama

Favre's retirement near other personal anniversaries
Hi Todd,
I just thought it was a rumor, like so many before. In Denial to the MAX! After the season he had last year, everyone thought he would be back for at least one more year. We were wrong.

Watching Brett's press conference, you could see how much he hated to leave, but it also gave me insight as to how stressful his job really is. It has been in his life from the beginning. After realizing how much he has had to endure all these years, I can see how he can be burnt out. He's a perfectionist and it showed by the way he played. He gave it his all every game and never gave up. He is such an icon that even if you don't know anything about football, you know who Brett Favre is. He's the all American Boy. Even the WOMEN in my Beauty shop know who he is.

It's like I am in mourning. Knowing I will not see that number 4 on the field is so sad. I will sure miss him.

Today, March 7, it has been 10 years since my brother was killed in a car accident. He was also a number 4. Just a different sport. As I looked through his book, I saw a picture of his family on Draft Day and it just floored me. April 21, 1991 was the day my husband died. He was also in a car accident and, like my brother, had head trauma. I didn't watch the draft that year but I taped it for my husband. I thought he would wake up and want to see his picks and the Bengals picks. I looked through his Ourlad Guide (which I still have) and sure enough he had Brett circled. He really loved football and his team was the Bengals.

He got to see them lose their Super Bowl before he passed, didn't see how bad they were the next season. But I gave him his Bengals forever.

So Brett began his career the day my husband died and ended it the day before the anniversary of my brother's death.
Diane Herd, dianeherd@gbpackersfan.com, Marysville, Ohio

How about another current, ex-player continuing Favre softball game?
Wouldn't it be great to have someone (like Le Roy Butler, Donald Driver, Edgar Bennett, etc) to run Brett's softball game this summer in appreciation of all that Brett and Deanna have done for the great state of Wisconsin.

Think it over, it could work. And what a way to show the Favre family what they have meant (and still mean) to us.

How great it would be to honor the Favre family. They have given so much to the fans ... and this would be one way the fans can give back to them.
Sandy Klein, alan112@centurytel.net, Plum City WI

Favre memories will never be forgotten
What a numbing surprise to hear of Brett's retirement. Me and my son are still stunned and I guess like everyone else we will be catatonic for a while. He was and is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the league.

I am very glad to have visited Green Bay five years ago to see him play in person, and as a matter of fact also to meet you, Todd. I think that in about three years the Pack will be here in New England to play the Patriots and my son and I will go and watch the Pack win.

We hope that Aaron Rodgers can eventually measure up close to Brett in playing ability, but, we will support him as we do all the Packers. There is quite a bit of history being printed for Brett and he well deserved it. Your writing is always great to read, Todd, you do the sporting world a lot of justice.
Grant Davis, gddave28@yahoo.com, Rhode Island

Favre is truly one of a kind; Rodgers' backup possibilities
Hello Todd,
This had to come, but I am so glad it came so late in his career. No matter what all the pundits will say, there will never be another QB in the NFL with as much charisma and boyish charm EVER!

My thoughts are why doesn't Green Bay take a chance on Joey Harrington or David Carr? Especially Harrington because he has had to learn a new offensive system almost every year he has been in the NFL. The guy cannot be stupid. It takes a lot for a guy to learn a new playbook and system in one year or MORE sometimes let alone a new one every year. These two young men are examples of what can happen to a talented college QB who comes to the NFL and does not get the proper coaching.

I believe the Packers have the coaching staff that can teach either one of them to be a decent QB. Tom Clements is terrific, just ask Brett Favre. It seems like once a guy gets a bad rap in the NFL it spreads like a disease and none will take the time to help them out.
Ann Crispigna, anndeerfield@hotmail.com, Escanaba, Mich.

Hopefully Favre will remain retired for his own good
Dear Todd,
I would have liked to see Brett play one more season just so he could make the circuit and the NFL and individual teams could have shown their appreciation for what he has given to the game and the sport.

However, this year, next year, whenever he eventually would retire. I hope he stays retired. I would hate to see him get antsy and then show up with some other team. That would tarnish him and his legacy greatly.

Right now I just want to embrace the marvelous memories he gave me and continue to support and cheer for my beloved Packers. I was a fan of theirs before Brett was there, I am a fan of theirs now and I will be a fan forever.

I wish Brett, and his family all the best. He has earned the right to have a marvelous retirement. I look forward to his acceptance speech into the Hall of Fame five years from now.

Thank you, Brett, for all you have given us and thank you, Deanna, for sharing him with us all.
John F. King, jdripper07@gmail.com, Roanoke, VA

Packers will miss this ‘shining star'
Dear Todd,
I can only imagine you are getting inundated with emails. I have read everything I can today about Brett's retirement and the rumors surrounding it. It's hard for me to believe Randy Moss not being a Packer had much to do with it. I think the Pack has 5 very good, young receivers. I am just hoping that the other prevailing rumor I read IS NOT TRUE and that is the rumor that he was "pushed out". I hope you can elaborate on that. You are definitely wired in to the Packers' organization so hopefully you can comment on that.

I only have two disappointments, the 16 years in GB went all too fast and how fun it would have been to watch Howard Cosell call a game Brett starred in! I am old enough to remember Lombardi leaving for Washington. And the Legends of Lambeau retiring or passing on and now we have to say goodbye to Brett.

Below is a letter I wrote after the Carolina / GB game that took place in Carolina on Oct 3, 2005. I was still living in CT at the time and even then I felt he might be getting "nudged" along!

"Favre still the team's shining star"
Dear Todd,
Rather then "rant 'n rave" this morning about last night's game, and question why Sherman used all the timeouts on Carolina's last possession, why Leach is dropping passes while our Pro Bowler William Henderson is on the bench (Sherman has done everything in his power to make William "go away", i.e. Nick Luchey and now Leach), why our running game is in the gutter when just two years ago Green and Davenport led the league in rushing ... on and on and on and on. However rather then lament about that, I want to speak and reflect a bit about one, bright shining star, Mr. Brett Favre.

The Iron Man made his 229th consecutive start last night (including playoff games). A milestone that is not nearly talked about enough, but one of his many accomplishments that insures his enshrinement in Canton. Since 1992 Brett has come to play and play hard! He has played through three head coaches, two general managers and God knows how many players. But, at the end of the day, Brett is still Brett a humble man who respects the game, his team and the NFL. Oh sure, at times he give us fits with his turnovers. Good thing he has amnesia when it comes to losses and turnovers. No sooner does he have a turnover he shakes it off and comes back to make one of those unbelievable plays/comebacks!

Professional sports in America may never see another Brett Favre type player. Never once did he complain about money, threaten to hold out or blame others for any misfortune. Brett has shown up for the fans, the Green Bay Packer organization, the NFL for 229 consecutive games. He often showed up either injured or suffering great personal loss. I'm not sure the fans, the Packer organization has always shown up for Brett! Let me explain.

At times I think the organization took Brett for granted. Brett may be the greatest QB to ever suit up for the game, yet one can question whether or not the Packers always took advantage of his talent and surrounded with the "right" complimentary players/coaches. Secondly it is being rumored the current administration, Thompson and Sherman plan to sit Brett and let their new draft pick take some starts. THIS IS WHERE I SAY HOLD THE HORSES!!!!!!!!

Packer fans should be banging on Harlan's door if this is really true. I read it as recently as this morning on espn.com, Len Pasquarelli's column. After all that Brett has given us, the fun, excitement for 229 consecutive games and now THEY want to sit him? Him is not the problem! Thompson and Sherman better sit some others first! Brett is the only one showing up to play!

Make no mistake about it Packer fans, Favre came to Green Bay just in time for this franchise, much like Lombardi did 30 some years earlier. Had No. 4 not shown up in Green Bay, there would be no SB 31 and 32, no new Lambeau Field, no Monday Night games, and rest-assured the likes of Mike Sherman, Andy Reid, Steve Mariucci, Jon Gruden, Ray Rhodes, Dick Jauron ... none of them would have been head coaches if it weren't for No. 4! Who brought GLORY back to TITLETOWN, was it Mike Holmgren? Not even close! Look what Mike has done with his career post-Brett!

Packer fans, don't let Thompson and Sherman "blow out this candle" on us! The two of them have taken too much from us already! Long after this league is done talking about Ted Thompson, Mike Sherman and Bob Harlan, pre-games shows will be talking about the Gunslinger of Green Bay!

Thanks Brett and Deanna, thanks to the late Irvin Favre and Bonita Favre for sharing and giving us so much!
Mike Fosso, mf_050@yahoo.com, Manchester, CT

Favre deserved to have more weapons around him
Hi Todd,
Sorry to hear Brett is done. He definitely will be missed. We knew it was going to happen sooner than later, all of us Packer faithful hoped for later. Rumor out here on the West Coast is that Brett wanted the Pack to sign Moss, they said no, so he said ‘I go.' Any truth to that? The NFL channel just showed a repeat of Super Bowl 31, when we beat New England. What a great team! Seems to me what made that team so great is the combination of free agents brought together by the management. Guys like WR Andre "Bad Moon" Rison, DE Reggie White, TE Jackson, kick/punt returner Desmond Howard.

So now we have Ted "Tight Wad" Thompson who likes to build through the draft. The Packer Report praised Mr Thompson in the recent issue for how well he has managed the team. I disagree. If the rumor I mentioned above about Moss is true, shame on you Tight Wad! If Brett wanted Moss, give him 8 , 9, 10 million for a season. Brett deserves that. What are we going to do with that 18 million we have available? Does he use that to pay for the people who shovel the snow out of the stadium? Or to take his family on an expensive vacation?

Thanks for the memories Brett, I am so happy to have watched all of your glory and even the picks! Best wishes to you and your family! Hope I can make it back to Wisconsin when they retire your number, that will be cool!
Todd Thuss (born and raised in Manitowoc) toddly9@comcast.net, Beaverton, OR

Favre picks right time to end great career
Hi Todd:
It is a sad day in the lives of Packers fans. I have been reading all the different articles on Favre's retirement. I am sure Thompson and Favre never really saw eye to eye on a lot of things. But Thompson said it best. ‘I am not going to mortgage the future of the team at the expense of today.' The, "Bus" Cook stating that the Packer's really didn't want Favre back, come on.

The Packers went to the NFC Championship game, they probably thought Favre didn't need any convincing or encouragement to come back. Which leads me to another point, if Favre was looking to be convinced or encouraged to come back, maybe it's time to retired, because if I need any convincing to do something that means my heart is not in it anymore.

Thanks Brett for all those wonderful memories. I will be in Canton, OH in 2013 (I believe) with my son who will be 8yrs old by then.
Luis Mora, louiem007@bellsouth.net, Boca Raton, FL

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