Sydney Speaks! No doubt about it

Even though a national columnist recently questioned whether Brett Favre is worthy of being ranked among the all-time great quarterbacks,'s Harry Sydney reminds us all that it's just an opinion among the many out there.

Recently there has been a small battle being waged by many of the Green Bay faithful, or at least the Brett Favre faithful. This battle has been between them and Sal Paolantonio because Sal basically didn't kiss the ground that Brett Favre walked on. He pointed out things that many Packer fans want to ignore, though, deep down they can't because everyone wants to talk about how many touchdowns he has thrown, or how many consecutive starts he has. Nobody, and I mean nobody, ever wants to talk about that other record he holds. You know which one I mean, don't you? It's the interception record.

For most Packer fans all they want to see or talk about is nothing but greatness and they want to crucify anyone and everyone for having a different thought. Unfortunately, sometimes when fans start to bleed the colors of their teams they stop being objective and they only see what they want to see.

Many of you know how I think, don't you? I think he was great when he played that way, but when he wasn't sharp he sometimes made it harder to win, but this article isn't about Brett. It's more about what you are allowed to say about him.

What Sal said about Brett was how he felt. Sometimes it bothers me when fans, or for that matter, anyone, is looked at as being the enemy because they point out someone's flaws, especially when that person is worshipped with blinders on. So many times in the past I have had issues with some of you because you didn't like what I said. I'm OK with that because just like I am entitled to speak my mind, so are you. That's one of the greatest things about this country is that we all have the right to think differently. As long as we don't infringe on another's right to do the same it has something to do with some freedom of speech thing our government is supposed to be based on. I think it's some constitution thing, but again I'm getting old!!!!

So many times disagreements happen because everyone wants to justify their arguments with excuses that really don't matter. For example, a non Packer fan could say that Brett holds most of the passing records because he was in a pass-happy offense that he ran for 16 years without being hurt. Any good quarterback worth a crap would do the same thing, especially being coached by the likes of Mike Holmgren, Mike McCarthy, Ray Rhodes and Mike Sherman.

Then they could wonder how much influence guys like Andy Reid, Steve Mariucci and Sherman Lewis had on Brett. Then another argument could be that Brett never had any big-time receivers and because of that his accomplishments were even that more amazing, which could be true. Then again is that an excuse or an opinion?

Or one might say that the only other superstar that Brett played with was Reggie White. Then again that wouldn't be a good argument because he also played with some very good players like Dorsey Levens, Leroy Butler, Gilbert Brown, Robert Brooks, Wayne Simmons, Keith Jackson, Sean Jones, William Henderson, and Antonio Freeman. Maybe as a fan you don't respect these guys, or don't think they were difference-makers, but in the coaching world these were excellent football players that had to be accounted for because it wasn't just about Brett Favre. But if you think that way, are you right or wrong?

Then someone might argue about Brett Favre's playoff record and how he always seemed to destruct, like he did against the Rams after the 2001 season when he had over a handful of turnovers himself. Or during the years when the Eagles somehow, some way seemed to have the Packers' number, or Brett's number. To be honest with you, I couldn't tell. Then if you look at the playoff history, nobody has to go back that far. All they have to do is go back to the last ball the legend threw, and what happened because of it. Then one might say he was just trying to make something happen. So what or who decides who is right and who is wrong?

There is no right or wrong answer, is there? The one thing that I know for sure is that Brett Favre will be missed because of his attitude, love of the game and the way he made us all sit on the edge of our seats. Packers fans have been the luckiest and the envy of most of the football world since 1992 because they knew who was running through the tunnel and going to get under the center. I don't care what side of the argument you are on because great is great, and with Brett there was NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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