Why not make 'Pacman' a Pack man?

Troubled cornerback can help himself and Packers in Green Bay, Packer Report's Todd Korth contends.

"Tell Ted Thompson that they need to get 'Pacman' Jones," the Packers fan from Boston yelled into my ear over the phone the other day.

My response: 'Pacman Jones? You're kidding, right? The guy is trouble.'

Louie and I went on to discuss the pros and cons of the Green Bay Packers making a bid to bring the troubled cornerback to Green Bay. The more we talked about it, the more it made sense for the Packers to give Jones a chance to not only focus on football a little more than strippers, but also to help the Packers win football games.

We all know that football players have no choice but to focus on football in Green Bay, the league's smallest city, and that's not always the case in other NFL cities. And we also know that Jones has the potential to be a Pro Bowl caliber cornerback and return specialist.

But he can be a boatload of trouble. Tiny Green Bay may be the best place for him to overcome that bad boy image and straighten out his life.

The Packers are expected to reinforce their stable of cornerbacks by selecting a player in the upcoming NFL draft. But why not start a little sooner by perhaps trading a fifth-round pick to the Tennessee Titans for Jones, the sixth overall pick in the 2005 NFL draft?

True, Jones has been a thug. He has gotten into some big trouble away from football. But so has Koren Robinson. Andre Rison was no angel before he was acquired by the Packers. Yet, those two players at least reinvigorated their careers in Green Bay, if not their lifestyle as well. If Jones couldn't see the light in Green Bay, chances are he never will. Yet, a low-risk investment by the Packers may mean a great reward.

Though the Dallas Cowboys are in hot pursuit of Jones, the Packers should try to gobble him up for a few reasons:

1. Jones would be in the presence of veterans Al Harris and Charles Woodson. If those two are unable to keep him in line on and off the field, nobody will. Both have a ton of NFL experience and could be solid mentors for Jones.

2. The Packers need a starting cornerback for the future, and Jones, who turns 25 on Sept. 30, could be that guy.

3. The Packers need a punt and kickoff returner, and Jones has proven to be one of the best in the league in those departments.

4. Do you really think Jones will avoid trouble in Dallas? Didn't think so.

Would it be a gamble for the Packers to obtain Jones? Not really. It might be if they didn't have Harris and Woodson on board, plus Rob Davis, who has gone from the team's long snapper to an adviser and sounding board for younger players.

When you think a little more about Pacman becoming a 'Pack man' it makes more sense. The Packers are expected to be a playoff team this season, and a player like Jones could make a big impact on special teams and as a nickel back.

Is he worth the trouble? Robinson has been so far, and Rison made key contributions in the team's Super Bowl XXXI championship season.

Pacman Jones a Packer? Hey, why not?

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