Favre responds to comeback rumors

Brett Favre says that 'the last thing I'm thinking about' is playing football, the quarterback told Sports Illustrated's Peter King

SI.com's Peter King recently spoke with Brett Favre regarding the report Thursday in the Los Angeles Times that he may return.

"That's the last thing I'm thinking about," Favre told SI.com. "I have no idea where that came from, but it certainly didn't come from me. I'm happy about my decision and I haven't once said, 'I wonder if I made the wrong decision.' I know it's the right one.

"It's crazy to me that I'm the guy they're all talking about, and the story is out there everywhere, and I have nothing to do with it,'' he said. "It's not something I'm thinking about. It's kind of funny. Even when I'm retired, they won't let me stay retired."

Favre announced his retirement from football on March 6. He has yet to sign his retirement papers, but told Sports Illustrated he hasn't even thought about working out and is content with his decision to walk away from the game.

At the NFL meetings this week, Green Bay GM Ted Thompson said he wanted to visit Favre in Mississippi after the draft. Thompson just wants to say thanks for everything, and to have some quiet time with him, according to SI.com.

"Good," said Favre. "I'll put him to work."

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