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Packers fans sound off on Favre, Pacman and Taylor

Better to wait on retiring No. 4
Todd, I totally agree with Tony Larussa from Indianapolis with regards to retiring Brett's jersey number. I agree that number 4 should be retired the day Brett is inducted in the Football Hall of Fame.

There is a lot of logic in what Tony says regarding Brett and his family, leave them alone for a while, let them get settled into a family routine. It will take a while for them to get settled and if anyone deserves it, it is the Favre family.
Grant Davis, gddave28@yahoo.com, Warwick, RI

Pacman a Pack man?
All your points are well taken and true your point of (Rob) Davis, now in personnel, and to help cornerbacks (Al) Harris & (Charles) Woodson is a positive. Also, Jones is definitely meets the Packers MO for needs.

BUT ….

One, there not enough strip joints in Green Bay for Pacman, no action for a punk, and K. Robinson or Rison were not thugs. Pacman J. is a "THUG IDIOT" … hanging out with people that carry guns and thinking they need to prove there manhood. Thompson knew Robinson and already had a relationship. TT doesn't have the communication skills to get to know someone who is this trouble. Besides that Randy Moss scared TT.

Now if Ron Wolf was still GM then I'd say yes there is a possibility because he took those kind of chances and knew how to talk to players. If Reggie White, Keith Jackson, Eugene Robinson, Butler, Sean Jones were on the team then maybe, but I think the Packers are short on team leadership and or are searching for some.
Jan Mandel, Janmandel@cox.net, Phoenix, AZ

Rosenfels would be great, Taylor even better
I agree that the Packers should trade for Rosenfels. However I think one of their two second round picks should be dangled in front of the Dolphins for Jason Taylor. So perhaps a third round draft pick is the highest that should be offered to the Texans. I mean, would you rather have Taylor or Rosenfels? Rosenfels may help salvage a season if Rodgers goes down or doesn't work out, but between free agency and the upcoming draft, what have the Packers done to improve? Draft picks may develop into stars but the odds of the Packers landing an instant star are slim to none this year. Taylor is a dangerous weapon now. Rosenfels is just an insurance policy with a decent amount of upside.

What do you think would scare Tarvaris Jackson, Rex Grossman, and Jon Kitna more? Signing Taylor or Rosenfels?
Tom Voss, tom.voss@gridironsolutions.com, Lincoln, NE

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