Pre-draft position analysis

Packer Report's Bob Fox names quarterback prospects that the Packers might select

The Green Bay Packers have a lot of options in terms of picking a quarterback in the 2008 NFL draft. The Packers will certainly pick a QB in the draft, but when depends on Ted Thompson's draft board.

Currently, the Packers don't have anyone with real experience backing up Aaron Rodgers at QB, unless the Packers bring back Craig Nall. And even Nall has limited experience. Veteran possibilities that the Packers may pursue include Trent Dilfer, Tim Rattay and Kelly Holcomb. Here are the best draft options at QB and when they may be selected:

Brian Brohm (Louisville)
Round possibly selected - 1st. There is differing speculation here. Some people think that Brohm may be taken in the top 10 picks. Others say he could slide out of the first round. Sounds almost like Aaron Rodgers, huh? Brohm does not have a howitzer for an arm, but he is very experienced and has great touch and accuracy. Brohm would function very well in the West Coast offense.

Joe Flacco (Delaware)
Round possibly selected - 1st or 2nd. If you are looking for a Brett Favre howitzer type of arm, then Flacco is your man. Flacco is big at 6-foot-6 and 230 pounds. He also has the BIG arm and is athletic enough to be effective in the Mike McCarthy offense. Flacco is accurate and excels in play action, which is important in the Packer offense.

Chad Henne (Michigan)
Round possibly selected - 2nd or 3rd. Henne knows how to play in the spotlight, as he started for Michigan for four years. He threw for 87 touchdowns as a Wolverine to just 37 interceptions. Henne is almost 6-3 and 228 pounds, athletic and fairly accurate. Better coaching will definitely help him in the NFL.

John David Booty (USC)
Round possibly selected - 3rd or 4th. Booty (6-2, 213) has the ability to be an effective QB in the West Coast system. He has a strong arm, is very accurate on short and intermediate routes, but will need some help on his overall technique. Ted Thompson saw him first hand at USC's pro day.

Kevin O'Connell (San Diego State)
Round possibly selected - 5th. O'Connell (6-5, 225) ran a 4.65 40. O'Connell had two nice years as an Aztec, and two so-so years. But he has a good arm, athleticism and accuracy to be a West Coast type of QB.

Josh Johnson (San Diego)
Round possibly selected - 5th or 7th. Johnson put up AWESOME numbers his senior year at San Diego, throwing for 43 touchdowns and ONLY 1 interception. He threw an unbelievable 113 TDs at San Diego overall, and just 15 interceptions. VERY athletic, Johnson (6-3, 200) also ran a 4.56 40. He had a 66% completion average in his three years as a starter. Remember, though, this was at the Division-1AA level.

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