Lombardi blog: April edition

Favre not doing Packers any favors with recent comments

April 10, 2008
Favre's Comeback
In the last few weeks there have been a fair share of Brett Favre stories. The LA Times reported that Favre's agent, "Bus" Cook, was shopping the quarterback around the league to see if anyone was interested in a trade. Cook denied that he was doing so, but I doubt the Times made it up. Maybe the Times' source was mistaken or was out to create a false story, but I doubt that is the case. It does not make sense.

It is conceivable that Cook did call around without Brett's knowledge or involvement. If Cook has any inkling that Favre might want to come back, then he is kind of doing his job. He needs to take care of Favre and see if someone wants him if he decides to play again.

Then Favre's local paper, the Biloxi (Miss.) Sun Herald, reported that Favre said if the Packers needed him (due to injury or something) he would consider coming back. Given Aaron Rodgers tendancy to get hurt, the odds are that the Packers might need him.

Favre did not do his old team any favors. If Rodgers does get hurt, they are almost obligated to seek him out as a replacement. Even if they are prepared to move on, the public pressure would be tough to ignore.

And if there is truth to the LA Times story, then who knows what might develop this summer and fall. I would not bet the house on it, but I think Brett Favre will play football next season. Somewhere, somehow. And I would not be surprised if he does not play for the Packers. Not what I would hope for, but I can see it happening.

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