Sydney Speaks! Ride off into the sunset!

Packer Report's Harry Sydney weighs in with his thoughts of Brett Favre's recent comments regarding a possible comeback to football. Like many, Sydney is as perplexed as most Packers fans over the issue and, as always, tells us how he really feels.

It's like watching some old movie when the hero or the monster, depending how you look at it, never dies. That's what's happening with the Brett Favre retirement situation. When most people retire that's it, they walk away and just say good-bye and move on. After hearing him talk at his press conference he seemed to be at peace with himself and his decision. Now if you read some of his recent articles he's not talking like a man that's done or finished; he's talking like a man that's confused. Of course I will explain:

Before I talk about Brett let's talk about his agent, Mr. James "Bus" Cook. For some reason everyone thinks he's talking out of both sides of his mouth and, guess what, he might be because that's what he's hearing from his client. If you remember before Brett retired he said that Brett didn't think the Packers really wanted him around or didn't do enough to entice him to stay. Do you think he just made that up?

Then last week there was an article out of California that said that Mr. Cook was inquiring as to whether or not some teams just might be interested in Brett if he was to come out of retirement. Of course after the article came out, everyone acted like it just appeared out of the air. Now, in another article, Brett says if something happens to Aaron Rodgers, if they give him a call, he just might answer the bell. My question is: does that sound like a guy that has it out of his system and doesn't that reinforce what his agent was saying?

When is enough enough? Aaron Rodgers has to be able to look forward and understand that this is his team. Ask yourself, how can he when every time he picks up a newspaper or reads a magazine there is a picture of Brett saying things like "if Aaron Rodgers went down with an injury and if the opportunity presents itself and if they call it would be tempting and I very well could be enticed to do it." That might just make him come out of retirement and come to the rescue.

Many will give Brett that pass saying its just Brett being Brett, but then again what does that mean? I know the Packers might be planning to retire his jersey as soon as the season starts and some might wonder, ‘what's the hurry?' Others might think they better do it very soon, so that this coming out of retirement will end unless they make some special provisions, allowing him to wear his own retired jersey.

If you have been following this saga and have been trying to connect the dots you just might have a headache because, even though he supposedly has retired, what has really changed? I know many people have questioned things because his retirement papers haven't been filed up to this point. To me that's really no big deal because the Packers aren't making it one. They have so much cap room and don't need his relief, but then again some might think that the reason he hasn't filed is because he wants to have an out just in case he has the football itch again.

Another thing Favre recently said was that he would not return unless he was in shape. Again it just might be me, but isn't part of retirement not worrying about being in shape for football?

I guess every message I seem to be getting is that Brett Favre might not be ready to sit on his farm and just do nothing. Still, according to the article, he says he's not changing his mind about retirement, which sounds like he is trying to convince himself that he made the right decision.

Whether he's second-guessing himself or not, I don't know, but then again who really knows? His agent, Mr. Cook, several times has denied reports of inquiring with other teams for his client, and then you have Brett himself making comments that just might leave someone with a open mind to wonder what's really going on? Trust me there are many that think if Brett wants to come back let him, but I say that if you keep holding on to the past, you will never embrace the future. Like it or not, Aaron Rodgers is the future for the Packers. So like all good westerns it's time for the hero to JUST RIDE OFF INTO THE SUNSET and stop looking back.!!!!!

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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