Favre saga getting old fast

Quarterback needs to clear the air on retirement, says Packer Report's Doug Ritchay

It's been a little over one month and the pot is stirring. Will Brett Favre unretire?

To be perfectly correct here, he isn't retired yet. He hasn't turned in his retirement papers to the NFL. All he has done is hold a press conference announcing his retirement.

We all thought March 6 was the day, but a recent article in a Mississippi newspaper, with comments from Favre, indicates the future Hall of Fame quarterback is not totally set on riding his tractor into the sunset. When asked if he would come back if heir apparent Aaron Rodgers would suffer an injury, Favre told the Biloxi (Miss.) Sun Herald, "It would be hard to pass up, I guess. But three months from now, say that presents itself, I may say, you know what, I'm so glad I made that decision. I'm feeling very comfortable in what I'm doing and my decision.

"Yeah, I can probably be up there doing that and playing, but again, I don't know. It's only speculating. I think the world of that team. I had a lot of fun, not only this year, but over my career."

Favre's comments are wishy-washy. He isn't 100 percent committed to retirement, but my question is, how can he already be saying this when a mini-camp hasn't even been held? What has he really missed when no football workouts have taken place? Over the last five years, there was constant talk about Favre and when he would retire. He took shots from the media, who said he wouldn't stop talking about it. Truth be told, he didn't get up at his press conferences and say, "You want to talk about me retiring, because I'm thinking about it."

He was asked questions and all he did was answer. He took shots about this from the people who asked the questions. I never bought into that, but this time Favre has to own up.

I'm sure he'll be thinking about if he made the right decision, as the summer approaches and then the regular season. But, what is he thinking about now, giving a glimmer of a shot he'd return?

Through his 16 seasons in Green Bay, Favre was remarkable on the field and most of the time cooperative with the media, giving long-winded answers to questions. He did what was expected. Now what he has to do is stand up, like he did in the pocket all those seasons, and say, "I'm retired and not coming back. Period."

Until this happens, there's going to be speculation on whether he's coming back. As much as I wanted Favre back another season, now that his decision has been made (we think), it's Rodgers' time.

A new era is on the horizon, and although there's likely no chance of it being as great as Favre's era, it's time to turn the page and move on.

QB question
Behind Rodgers on the Packers' quarterback depth chart is Craig Nall, Dalton Bell and Jerry Babb. Gulp! So what's the plan as far as a backup is concerned?

If the Packers are drafting a backup, that's a shaky proposition, knowing Rodgers hasn't exactly been the picture of health as a backup. GM Ted Thompson needs to acquire a veteran and maybe it come via trade as Buffalo likely would let go of J.P. Losman for the right price.

Also, Kelly Holcomb is still unsigned. Losman would be the type of player that would have Rodgers looking over his shoulder. As I've said before, Rodgers needs to know the team has complete confidence in him. That's where Holcomb eases the situation.

Acquiring Losman or picking a quarterback early in the draft would cause speculation anytime Rodgers throws an interception. At least for 2008, he needs to know he's the man, good or bad. Therefore, sign someone like Holcomb and pick a quarterback in the third round who has upside for the future.

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