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Here is what Packers coach and general manager Mike Sherman responded to questions about the Detroit Lions at his midweek press conference:<p>

on quarterback Joey Harrington:

"He's progressed in the offense. I think he's more comfortable. After (Green Bay's Sept. 22 game against Detroit) that game, in spite of the fact that he threw four interceptions, I still thought after the game that he was a special quarterback. He looked very poised. Nothing seemed to bother him. He appears to be even more confident now than then, and I thought he was confident back then. He seems more comfortable."

on how he judges team at this point in season after Lions coach Marty Mornhinweg labeled Packers as best team in the league:

"At this point we have the best record in the league. But it's too early to say we have the best team in the league at this juncture, so we'll have to wait that one out."

on how he motivates the team going up against a team that does not have as good of a record:

"There's two things that you have to deal with as a football coach. You have to deal with how you handle adversity, and I think we've handled that well. You also have to deal with how you handle success, and that can be equally damaging at times – if you lose sight of what made you successful, if players get concerned with who is getting the credit, if you say, ‘Well, we don't have to practice quite as hard.' There are just as many challenges in dealing with success as with adversity. That's my job to make sure that they keep their heads on straight. Even though we're a young football team, we have good leaders on the team and I think we have a mature type of attitude, for the most part. I think they see the big picture and they understand that we're only as good as our next ballgame.

"We have to go out and play a team that almost beat us, in Detroit, who beat a team that we didn't beat. So, the (Lions) are very capable and a very confident football team."

on Lions lengthy injury report:

"It makes me feel a bit better about our situation. I don't know what that's all about. Maybe they were fined, or something. That's usually a response to not reporting enough. I don't see any ‘outs' and the only ones I worry about are the ones who are out, and there is no one out."

on importance of this game:

"This is the most important game of the season. This game is the game. The only game. Very important. We play at home. A division game. A rivalry game. Detroit-Green Bay is a rivalry game as is all the division games. I get a lot of letters about beating the Detroit Lions. It's an important game for us."

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