Sydney Speaks! It means nothing

The Green Bay Packers 2008 regular season schedule was released this week. Packer Report's Harry Sydney offers his thoughts and an early prediction.

Finally the schedule came out, so what does everyone start to do? Can you guess? Well, not everyone because those who are involved in the hotel or motel business around Green Bay get extra people to answer the phones because business suddenly picked up.

Packers fans are making their reservations, booking a place to stay and a way to get to the game. It is a good thing except for the Green (Green Bay) package ticket holders because they have to feel like they got the "big one." They lost out on seeing the Cowboys and the Bears, except on television. OK, they will get to see Peyton Manning and the Colts on Oct. 19 which should be exciting, but most people are greedy. They want all the good games, right?

What did you do after the schedule came out? I'll tell you what I did: On my radio show with many of the listeners I tried to predict how many wins or losses for Green Bay next year, which is one of the most ridiculous things anyone can do. Most of us are guilty aren't we? Let me explain!!!!

I remember last year before the season looking at the schedule and going down each game giving reason after reason as to why they were going to win or lose. Let's take a walk down memory lane. I thought the Packers would go maybe 6-10 or 7-9 and how wrong was I. But then again I wasn't the only one was I? So as we look back at every game and what happened on the way to the Packers' 13-3 regular season record. Let's look at it in quarters.

In the first quarter they beat the Eagles at home then went to New York and beat the eventual Super Bowl champion Giants before beating up on the San Diego Chargers and Minnesota Vikings to start the season. Now who in their right mind would have thought that could happen or would happen? So without blinking an eye they were 4-0 coming out the shoot.

Then in the second quarter of the season they faced their first loss to Chicago, but rebounded by beating the Redskins, Denver and Kansas City, making them 7-1 at the halfway point.

In the third quarter they beat the Vikings again, then Carolina as well as the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving before losing to the Dallas Cowboys in the match-up of the NFC powerhouses in the marquee match-up on a Thursday Night special. So with three quarters of the season down they were 10-2. Then in the fourth quarter of the season they stumbled to Chicago after beating Oakland and St. Louis before ending the season by beating up on a helpless Detroit Lions team one more time.

So when I glanced over this year's schedule, I caught myself doing the same thing all over again. I couldn't help myself even though there is so much that could happen before any of the teams ever play each other. But aren't we all creatures of habit? So let's look at this year's schedule for wins and loses based solely on what I know about the teams at this moment. Again, let's go by quarters:

In the first quarter I believe the Packers will beat the Vikings, Lions and then lose to the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so they will finish the first quarter going 2-2.

In the second quarter they will beat the Falcons, then lose to the Seahawks and Indianapolis Colts. Then after the bye, win at Tennessee even though it will be a tough game to win. So at the midway point they will be 4-4, like it or not.

Now to the third quarter they will beat the Vikings again, then Chicago, then slip up at New Orleans before righting the ship against Carolina.

As they go into the fourth quarter, they beat Houston and then lose at Jacksonville before winning the last two games against the Bears and Lions. So as I add up the wins and losses I have the Packers having a pretty good season going 10-6.

So just as we check the schedule and try to figure out the wins and loses for the next season save your energy because IT MEANS NOTHING, except on paper!!!!! PS - Is anybody else a little scared of what Brett Favre might say on the David Letterman show, which is supposed to air on April 24?

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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