Trade for Taylor? If so, today's the day

The monster Allen-to-Vikings deal likely ups the ante for Miami's star defensive end, who might be had for a second- and fourth-round pick.

If the Miami Dolphins are going to trade defensive end Jason Taylor, it likely will be today during the first round of the NFL draft.

The Dolphins are rebuilding, and Taylor - the NFL's 2006 defensive player of the year who has 117 career sacks - would fetch a quality draft pick. The questions are, what round, and what team is willing to pay that price?

The price on Taylor likely increased based on the monster package the Minnesota Vikings put together to acquire Jared Allen from the Kansas City Chiefs this week. The Chiefs received Minnesota's first-round pick, No. 17 overall, and both of the Vikings' third-round draft picks.

Taylor, of course, won't get that much in return. He'll turn 34 just before the regular season kicks off. Still, the Dolphins reportedly are asking for a first-rounder.

"It will be expensive after the Jared Allen trade, but not nearly that expensive," said Dean Dalton, a former NFL assistant coach who remains active in the league in Minneapolis. "Jared Allen is 26 coming off of 50 sacks, and Jason Taylor is 30-whatever. Taylor has two good years left, but he'll be more expensive than normal because the bar has been set high."

Asked what he thought it might take to pry Taylor away, Dalton thought either a second- and third-round pick or a second and a fourth.

"They have so many needs to fill and need so much depth, that two quality young guys that will be around for five, six years will be better than one stud for two years when you're not any good," Dalton said.

But would Packers GM Ted Thompson, who cherishes draft picks, be willing to part with two selections?

"Maybe you do if you feel like that's going to give you enough juice," Dalton said. "I know Jason would be all over it, coming to a team that got to the NFC championship game last year. So, yeah, I think that trade's got some merit."

Beyond Taylor, the Dolphins and Packers could be talking trade today. There's a decent chance Thompson will be looking to trade back a few slots, and the Dolphins might want to make sure they remain positioned ahead of teams like the Jets, Ravens, Titans, Chiefs, Vikings, Bears, Panthers and Falcons to get a crack at a quarterback.

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