Oh, brother: Thompson trades up for DE

Wake Forest's Jeremy Thompson is the brother of Packers offensive tackle Orrin Thompson. He was acquired when GM Ted Thompson traded up for the first time in his Packers tenure.

That Ted Thompson sure is nice to the fans.

Not only did he trump conventional wisdom by trading up for the first time in his nine years of running NFL drafts, but the Packers' general manager added some intrigue to training camp by drafting Jeremy Thompson in the fourth round.

Ted Thompson moved up 11 spots in the fourth round on Sunday to select the Wake Forest defensive end, whose brother is Packers offensive tackle Orrin Thompson.

Railbirds, bring your binoculars, because those one-on-one pass-rushing drills ought to be fun when it's brother vs. brother.

"It's already started with (defensive ends coach) Big Daddy (Carl Hairston) and (offensive line assistant) Jerry Fontenot and I and (defensive tackles coach) Robert Nunn," offensive line coach James Campen said. "That will be interesting, it will be fun.

"Orrin is a great kid and high character, and he speaks nothing but high regard for his little brother. I'm sure that will be very interesting. I'm sure at the Thompson household tonight, there's two very proud parents. That's probably pretty unusual that two kids are going to be playing on the same football team. I'm sure that house is a lot of smiles."

Smiles now. But only one of them will be smiling on those occasions at practice when Orrin Thompson has to pass block against Jeremy Thompson, who the Packers selected in hopes he'd add some juice to a pass rush that withered down the stretch of last season.

Jeremy Thompson tallied 6.5 sacks as a senior. The Packers think he can do better than that in the NFL based on scheme. At Wake Forest, Thompson lined up over the left tackle and was asked to diagnose the play before going after the quarterback. With the Packers, he'll be given a chance to line up wide and attack the passer.

"They didn't let him pin his ears back like at a lot of schools and just go go go," the Packers' Southeast scout, Brian Gutekunst, said. "I'll be interested to see when he gets a chance to just pin his ears back. At Wake, I thought they asked him to do a lot of things, read-and-react stuff, more than just set him out wide in a stance and come off the corner. I'll be excited to see that, see how he develops in camp with that, getting more opportunities that way."

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