Sherman Sez

Here's what Green Bay GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman had to say about the Packers' decisive 40-14 win over the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field Sunday:<p>

On the win:

"From watching the tapes of the Lions, they are a significantly improved football team from when we played them the last time - we have too. Their offense has improved; so we were very concerned with the Lions coming into this game ... Good teams don't panic, and we didn't panic at that point."

The bad news:

"We put the ball on the ground trying to seal the game in the fourth quarter and that put our defense in some pretty precarious situations. We can't do that to be a championship team. That certainly was damaging."

Ahman Green and Najeh Davenport injury report:

"Green had a mild concussion at the half. I wasn't going to use him unless I had to. It shouldn't be a problem....Davenport sprained his ankle, he is walking with a limp, but we are fairly encouraged that he is walking around on it.

Peaking too soon?:

"I can't tell them not to play well. The guys have made a commitment and we talk about raising our level of commitment to what we want to accomplish this season. We still have a lot of football to go. It certainly was nice today because there was talk that the Packers might have a let down, and we didn't do that. A good team plays up to there level regardless of the situation."

On Donald Driver:

"Driver comes to practice everyday and gives you everything he has. I can't say enough about impact his has made, not just as a receiver, but he came and made an impression upon me as a special team player. He was our best special teams player a year ago and he still does special teams duties for us. To say that he would he would at this point - I can't say that, but he has always made big plays for us. He has shown the ability to make big plays. In the starting role, he has shown that he is a starter in the National Football League, and a pretty damn good one."

On Favre's knee injury: "Anytime he is wearing a brace it is always an issue. He certainly wasn't hampered by that today and I don't think there was any play that we could say caused him to do this or not to do that. He was pretty efficient in this football game."

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