Sydney Speaks! Holes to fill

The first two picks — Jordy Nelson joining a prolific receiving corps and Brian Brohm challenging Aaron Rodgers — leave Harry Sydney scratching his head.

Last year, everyone was surprised by the Justin Harrell draft pick, even though it might fit in well, as the defense just might have to win more games this year.

Many might have questioned Packers general manager Ted Thompson and the method to his madness, but not many can argue with the results, can they? He has shown the ability to somehow find that special player, and hopefully Jordy Nelson will be that difference maker.

As I watched the moves by many of the teams, there weren't any surprises. Most of the teams took what they needed or thought they needed to get better.

Then it came time for the Packers to pick, and just when I thought they would get that tight end they needed, here comes a trade. To be honest, I thought the Packers had traded their first-round pick to the Miami Dolphins in return for Jason Taylor. When that didn't happen, I was left scratching my bald head trying to figure out what was going to happen next.

When they announced the Packers had flopped picks with the Jets, I figured they had their eye on someone special, but it wasn't tight end Dustin Keller, who the Jets picked, so let's just say I wasn't sure what direction Thompson was taking this team. And then it happened. With the 36th pick, the Packers took wide receiver Jordy Nelson from Kansas State, and I simply said "What the #@$%^ was that!"

So like everyone else, I did more homework on Nelson, and I must admit, I was impressed by his numbers but not impressed enough to pick him as the Packers' first pick. As I look at this team and the pick, I ask myself how much better is this team going to be because of him.

The Packers' wide receivers led the league in yards after the catch last season, so how much did this position improve because of Nelson? Then again, did they draft him to have trade bait because one of those receivers now becomes expendable? So after future review, I can live with the first pick, even though I would have picked a tight end, because most of the quality offensive linemen were gone by this pick.

Now if that was a surprise, the second pick was the pick of all picks. All anyone heard was that Aaron Rodgers was the guy and he is the future of the franchise, but now that can't be said, can it? I believe the saying should go like this, "He's the guy, but" — and "but" is unless he messes up, because their second pick was Brian Brohm out of Louisville.

I wonder, does anyone think that pick gave Rodgers a vote of confidence? I wonder just what was he thinking. Do you think he might have been wondering what the heck was going on when he dealt with the legend himself, Brett Favre, not remembering his name on David Letterman when he was asked who would take his place.

That was bad enough, but now the Packers draft the third-best quarterback in the draft in the second round.

Trust me, it's different drafting someone in the late rounds, because then, it's an experiment, but when you do it in the second, it's a statement. I know many will say that competition is good, and it is, but for so long, all Rodgers could do was wait and watch. Now that it is his time, it appears he's only going to get one shot. Talk about pressure. I guess we will have to find out what he is made of right away. The learning curve is over!!!!

Unfortunately, the holes that needed to be filled haven't been, which makes me wonder: Are the powers that be seeing the same thing some of us are?

The Packers lost Brett Favre to retirement and did nothing in free agency. Then, they drafted nine players, and none of them will be starting on opening day unless some injuries occur. If I'm not mistaken, this team still HAS HOLES TO FILL, don't they?!

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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