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Fans weigh in on Green Bay Packers' 2008 NFL draft

No Favre, no hope for Packers
For the second year in a row, Ted Thompson did nothing to help his team in the draft. Without Favre, the Packers will go 8-8 in '08. Look for a losing season in '09 and a new head coach in 2010.
Ken Parrish, KenParrish53, Lynchburg, Va.

Three unproven quarterbacks?
Packer Report,
Talk about Ted Thompson rolling the dice. If Rogers gets hurt, the team will be up a creek with two more unproven rookie quarterbacks. Hope Brett stays in some kind of shape. Regarding Brohm, TT also said that he told Rogers he's their guy, but that's like telling your wife that I have a girlfriend on the side, but don't worry about her, she's just your back up and I'm just slowly teaching her everything she needs to know in case.

Bet you Brett hasn't sold his house yet in Green Bay has he? Nor will he sign his retirement papers. Oh the drama of it all - Peyton Place AKA Packer Place.
Jan Mandel, Janmandel@cox.net, Phoenix, AZ

Selecting two quarterbacks doesn't make sense
What are your thoughts on the Packers draft? I am confused. Not one, but two QB's. I thought we already had two rookies behind Aaron Rodgers, and what happened to Craig Nall? What does this say to Aaron Rodgers, we like you, but we are not sure, so we are drafting two QB's. Wow, did KC do a great draft. MAN!
Todd Thuss, toddly9@comcast.net, Beaverton, OR

Experts have changed tune on Favre; wait ‘n' see on draft picks
Seems like every N.F.L. expert, reporter and analyst want Brett back while just a few years ago they were kicking him OUT of football!!! I find that strange and very funny! You think Brett might get the respect he deserves?

That's shocking in itself. For those who may not know the meaning of reserve/retirement it simply means NO ONE CAN get Brett until 2010, which also means he is still under contract! UNLESS the Packers (Ted Thompson) grants permission! For other football cubs to get Brett - if that happens Ted Thompson might be wise and get out of Green Bay and give the job to Mike Holmgren who should ALWAYS have a place in Green Bay!

About the draft, short but sweet. Let's see what they can do before passing any judgment! But I know that won't happen. What they did in collage means NOTHING! I've seen in my lifetime MANY 1st rounders go in the dumpster!
Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Arden, N.C.

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