Favre, TV a good fit

Packer Report's Todd Korth offers his take on why FOX studio gig would be good for retired quarterback Brett Favre

Brett Favre has made it a habit of being long-winded in front of a microphone in recent years and it's tough to imagine him wearing a suit on a television set each Sunday. Yet, former Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer indicated last week that the former Packers quarterback is "talking" with FOX television about taking a seat on the set of the network's pregame and postgame shows on Sundays this fall.

Favre has always said that he would never want to be a TV analyst after football. And he has indicated recently that he made consider playing some more football. At this point, however, maybe talking football with Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long might be the best thing for Favre. An outlet that will allow him to stay connected to the game yet away from it.

Favre said March 6 at his retirement press conference that he had no immediate plans for the start of his life after football. That may change if he signs a contract with the FOX network. If he can show up on the set wearing a T-shirt and shorts, even better for the future Hall of Famer.

Favre's presence on TV would be good for fans across the league. While we will miss watching No. 4 line up behind center each weekend in the fall, we will get a better idea of Favre's thought process during the course of a game through his role as an analyst. That's a side of Favre that many fans have never seen or heard because he has always been playing. Now that he's not playing, he should be able to give fans a better understanding of what other quarterbacks are trying to accomplish or what to expect throughout any particular game.

Now in order to be informative Favre will have to get to the point a little quicker than he has during his press conferences over recent years, but he capable of making the adjustment.

Favre has a great sense of humor, so it would be fun to watch and listen to him talk about other teams and players.

The more that Favre can be critical of other teams and players the better, too. He has always been middle of the road when it comes to commenting on his cohorts in the league, though, he has taken a stance at times. He has criticized receivers like Javon Walker and Sterling Sharpe for not honoring their contracts. He also last year said the NFL needs to do more to help players with substance abuse problems, like Koren Robinson.

Whether he likes it or not, Favre could benefit from being a studio host with FOX and fans will benefit as well. Not as much as if he were still playing football, but they still will be able to keep in touch with the legend throughout the fall and the legend can keep in touch with football.

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