How they stack up

The Green Bay Packers' 2008 training camp opens in less than two months.'s NFL insider Adam Caplan takes an overview of how all 32 teams are shaping up. See where he ranks the Packers.

1) New England Patriots - Say what you want about them, but New England was the best team last season and they added some key younger players on defense that will play right away. Getting veteran Sammy Morris should be the missing part to their running game that was missing after he got hurt last season. The only real weakness is in the secondary as it's hard to see a viable replacement right away for Asante Samuel.

2) Dallas Cowboys - You have to give owner Jerry Jones credit for securing all of his key players for the future. The one weakness on defense looks to be the secondary, but hopefully the new additions make an impact this season.

3) San Diego Chargers - They'll be solid on both sides of the ball again but I'd like to see someone other than Antonio Cromartie make a big play when it's crunch time (see the playoff game last season against New England).

4) Indianapolis Colts - This team should be solid as always but the health of Dwight Freeney and especially Marvin Harrison are causes for concern.

5) New York Giants - The defending Super Bowl champions should be solid again. But if DE Michael Strahan retires, that could be a cause for this team to regress a bit.

6) Jacksonville Jaguars - QB David Garrard proved he can take a team to the playoffs. The big question is will the loss of DT Marcus Stroud be a huge factor? How well the two rookie ends play could help determine how far this team goes in the playoffs.

7) Green Bay Packers - Call me crazy, but new starting QB Aaron Rodgers will play well enough this season for this team to win its division again. The only other player of note, besides Brett Favre, who the Packers lost this year was DT Corey Williams who is replaceable.

8) Philadelphia Eagles - QB Donovan McNabb is almost two years removed from his ACL injury and he did close last season well. The offense should be solid. Defensively, the additions of end Chris Clemons and CB Asante Samuel could push this team far into the playoffs.

9) Cleveland Browns - You won't find many offenses better than this one and QB Derek Anderson was 10-5 as a starter last season. The hope is that he'll improve from his poor performance down the stretch. The front seven on defense looks to be improved but the secondary remains in question.

10) Pittsburgh Steelers - The left guard position remains an issue with the loss of Alan Faneca in free agency. Still, they should have a solid offense. Defensively, look for second-year OLB LaMarr Woodley to have a breakout season. The reason why this team may not go far in the playoffs is because they lack enough quality playmakers in the secondary.

11) Minnesota Vikings - The front office addressed the team's glaring need for a quality pass rusher but the quarterback position remains the impediment to making the playoffs. If Tarvaris Jackson plays at least average, this team will be 9-7 at worst.

12) New Orleans Saints - They continue to have one of the league's best offenses but they have to find a way to be more consistent on defense in order to be a solid playoff team.

13) Chicago Bears - The addition of rookie RB Matt Forte should help stabilize their running game, but this is yet another team that has a shaky quarterback situation that could keep them from going to the playoffs.

14) New York Jets - You have to like the aggressiveness of the front office as they addressed just about all major issues except quarterback in free agency and in the draft. But the key is getting consistently solid play from whoever wins the job behind center.

15) Houston Texans - The addition of veteran offensive line coach Alex Gibbs will certainly help the Texans' running game. But keeping talented but fragile QB Matt Schaub healthy is a huge issue. The defense needs one more good pass rusher and some improvement in the secondary if this team is going to make the playoffs.

16) Arizona Cardinals - The NFC West is the second weakest division in the league so Arizona should compete for the division crown. The big issue remains at quarterback. Will head coach Ken Whisenhunt have the power to bench Matt Leinart if he's not doing well?

17) Tennessee Titans - This is a very young team that's talented but they'll only go as far as their quarterback will take them. The defense still needs one more pass rusher.

18) Seattle Seahawks - One of their starting receivers is gone and the other isn't a lock to be ready for the start of the regular season. Just what did the front office see on tape that made them think Julius Jones was worth signing to be a starter? Keep in mind their offensive line isn't close to as good as it once was. At least the defense should be good.

19) Carolina Panthers - The return of QB Jake Delhomme will certainly help but who will rush the passer on defense? Until this team can find a consistent pass rush, they won't be better than 8-8.

20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Veteran WR Joey Galloway seems to be on an island most games with no help on the other side of him. The defense is getting younger and hopefully better.

21) Baltimore Ravens - This is yet another team with a questionable quarterback situation. The key for the defense is the healthy of the two veteran cornerbacks.

22) Washington Redskins - Another coaching change and another new system for QB Jason Campbell to deal with. Who will rush the passer?

23) San Francisco 49ers - Hopefully new offensive coordinator Mike Martz can get something out of QB Alex Smith. The defense must rush the passer much better if this is to be close to an 8-8 team.

24) Buffalo Bills - The Bills will be able to run the ball effectively, but can they make plays in the passing game? This defense really doesn't scare anyone but it's improving.

25) Detroit Lions - The change to a power running game may help but in the end, the defense is the big problem with this team. They lack true quality pass rushers and a good secondary.

26) Cincinnati Bengals - Just two years ago, their offense was one of the best but now it's very average. Don't think the loss of WR Chris Henry won't be an issue. Defensively, the front seven continues to be a problem.

27) St. Louis Rams - Pass protection continues to be a concern but at least they should be able to run the ball well if Steven Jackson is healthy. The defense still has too many holes for this team to be a playoff contender.

28) Oakland Raiders - The Raiders should be able to run the ball well, but they'll need to see a major improvement from the quarterback position if the offense is going to take a big step this season. The run defense also should be a cause for concern.

29) Denver Broncos - This team still has major problems in their front seven on defense. The offensive line also is a concern as is talent at the receiver position.

30) Kansas City Chiefs - They had a nice draft, but keep in mind this is a team that's clearly in transition. They won't be able to compete at a high level until they get more consistency from the quarterback position.

31) Atlanta Falcons - We have another team rebuilding here. It's going to take Atlanta a while to get things turned around.

32) Miami Dolphins - They have a new coaching staff, front office, and a ton of new players. Lets get realistic, it's not going to happen overnight for this football team.

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