Sherman Sez

Here's how Packers coach and general manager Mike Sherman responded to questions regarding the Minnesota Vikings this week:<p>

on playing in Metrodome: "The only thing that I'm aware of in my history as a head coach here is we're 1-1 in the dome. We played one our best football games when we went over there and beat Chicago on Sunday night and went to the dome the next week . They were on a roll offensively and defensively and were a good football team at that time. The crowd was cranked up pretty good. I remember that one. Last year we didn't play very well. We can attribute that to the dome or attribute that to the Minnesota Vikings who out-played us and out-coached us.

"Now the opportunity exists to challenge our football team to go into a dome environment, which maybe in the past hasn't been as friendly to us as outdoors, but that's a challenge we have to face and I look forward to it."

on if Michael Bennett looks faster than last year:

"He looks faster. Very explosive. He had some great runs (against the New York Giants) when he split their defense right at the end of the game there. That was just an explosive run. I can't imagine running faster than he was running. That was scary."

on why team lost to Vikings last year in Metrodome:

"We got our butt kicked last year. That's what stuck out and stays with me. We didn't play very well. And we basically just got our butt kicked."

on key to success in Metrodome:

"I think you have to eliminate the bad play. Bad play meaning a turnover."

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