Who says Aaron Rodgers has a weaker arm than Brett Favre? Not the Green Bay Packers receivers, whose hands are still a little raw from last week's minicamp practices.

The Packers receivers apparently are missing being the human targets for Brett Favre's notoriously hard throws. During his time in Green Bay, Favre's lasers in games and practices resulted in broken fingers or sprains for a number of Packers receivers.

A few of Favre's former teammates bellyached during the minicamp, which ended June 19, that successor Aaron Rodgers is provoking pain with the velocity on his passes.

"Since I got here (last year), everybody's talking about how hard Brett throws, and Aaron's tearing gloves up out there, too," second-year receiver James Jones said. "When you all interview him, tell him to slow down a little."

Rodgers had some playful choice words for his receiving corps when he caught wind of their comments.

"I'm not surprised by it - they need to catch the ball," a smiling Rodgers said. "They're doing a good job of catching the ball. They just whine and complain all the time."

Wide receiver Greg Jennings says that the fastball isn't always necessary.

"We are trying to get him to throw a little softer," Jennings said. "We keep telling him he does not have to be known for the gun, there are other things to be known for, and as receivers we like those other things. We love our hands."

Rodgers fired back another light-hearted comment with a sting of its own: "Greg likes to complain. He loves his hands but he can't cook, so I don't know what he is worried about. I throw it, they catch it. When I make a bad throw, I don't mind them getting on me. If they drop it, then it is still my fault, according to them."

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