Here is how Packers fans responded to Green Bay‚s 31-21 loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday at the Metrodome in Minneapolis:<p>

Let's move on
OK,so we dropped one today, let's look at the film,fix our mistakes,and move on. Were still in it,use this as motivation in Tampa Bay."GO PACK"!!!
Peter Schwind, Wapakoneta Ohio

Played into Vikings‚ game
Forget the fact that it was an away game.

Forget the fact that there were more flags thrown than there were players to earn them.

Forget the fact that with tens of thousands of screaming fans under your roof, nobody can hear anything.

What I want to know is how in the world the Green Bay Packers managed to lose to the Minesota Vikings again. Everyone may insist that statistics do not matter until the playoffs. Well, they should matter after today.

What was it that made the 31st-ranked passing defense get away with three interceptions? What allowed a team with such an awful turnover ratio to make us look like chumps instead of the other way around? I believe I have some answers.

We played their game instead of ours. First, Brett Favre threw so many interceptions because we had proven that our predictable running game was useless. Once we proved that we had to pass to move the ball, it was no surprise that the Vikings' secondary was waiting to pounce. Second, if we routinely send only three or four men on a pass rush, with no blitzes, Daunte Culpepper will never feel pressure or make those mistakes he is touted for making so often. By the fourth quarter, our defense was so exhausted from allowing Culpepper to take his time that the running game walked all over us.

Some statistics do matter, and if we had thought of properly exploiting them, we might have won.
Patrick D. Boy, Michigan City, Ind.

FrankenFavre shows up
Well it was a nail bitter until the last score by the Vikings. I just don't understand how a team can consistently be so bad playing in the dome. Especially with the constant turnover that is now the NFL. Why is that?

I was really hoping that FrankenFavre was not going to show up and we almost keep him locked away. The team played with heart and now needs to take care of business in Tampa.
Maury Finsterwald, San Diego, Ca.

Still an MVP
I still think that Brett can win his fourth MVP if he goes to Tampa and has a great game. To me he has to get rid of a few ghost's. It didn't happen in Viking country so it has to happen in Tampa.

Poor coaching decisions
Another frustrating loss in the Metrodome! Unlike many of our losses there in recent years, I feel this loss can be attributed more to poor coaching decisions vs. poor execution by the players. Case in point--4th quarter, 5 minutes to go, we have a 2nd and five after a five yard screen to Ahman Green. Why not attempt a couple of running plays to put together a long drive? How about lining up in a running formation to keep the Viqueen's defense honest? The way Johnstone was coming up the field on his pass rush, it sure looked like we could have popped a couple of solid runs to his inside on draws. With Favre stuggling, it only made sense to try and take some pressure off of him by leaning a little more on the running game. Favre is an awesome talent, and he almost pulled out the win today, but our coaching staff could have made some smarter decisions in play-calling to make his cause easier. I don't care how bad the Viqueen's pass defense was coming in--you show your hand one too many times in this league and get unbalanced in favor of the passing game, more often than not the opponent will find a way to stop you. We cannot afford this with big road games coming up against Tampa Bay and San Francisco.
Frustrated but loyal, Mike Poplawski, Colorado Springs, Colo.

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