Grant remains optimistic

Running back talks about contract, Favre, last 12 months with Sporting News Radio

Ryan Grant was a guest on "The Monty Show" at Sporting News Radio Tuesday. The Green Bay Packers running back addressed his contract situation, Brett Favre and the last year.

Here's a transcript from the interview:

MONTY: Ryan Grant's our guest on the Monty show, Sporting News Radio. Let me just get the heavy lifting out of the way first ... why aren't you signed, are you close, when are we going to get this deal done?
Ryan Grant: Uh, yeah. We're moving forward. Really, everything's been positive throughout the whole process. And, I'm excited and optimistic about it. And I expect to be absolutely done within the next few weeks.

MONTY: Wow, that's good news. Was there a doubt? I mean, you sat out minicamp, basically you sat the spring out; was there ever a doubt that you were going to get what you wanted? Do you think you're going to get what you wanted?
Grant: There was never a doubt. Just from the sense of us being on the same page, we've been communicating the whole time, and everybody, their spirits were positive throughout the whole thing. And the attitude's been positive through the whole thing and both sides are on the same page. It's just a business aspect that kept me out. I've been taking care of my part, and, like I said I've been optimistic, things, we've been moving well, we've been moving forward, and I don't see any delay being the case.

MONTY: Let me ask you, though, doesn't it suck when you're basically having to get torn down by the team and you're trying to tell them ‘hey look, I can run the ball,' and they're like ‘well it was only 8 games.' I mean its got to be tedious going through this.
Grant: Um hmm. It is and I understand the situation. I think when I came in it was Week 6 or Week 7. But, this is the business aspect of what I did. I want to be one of the leaders, they want me to be one of the leaders. I want to be one of the leaders, I feel like I am one of the leaders on the team. Um, even though we have a young team, we have a lot of guys that are stepping up. And we just want things to be done correctly, and done the right way… It's really nothing personal, I think both sides understand that. Like I said I've been close with everybody in the front office, across the board. I've had numerous conversations with Ted Thompson and Russell and my coach, everybody. So it's nothing ill-hearted nobody feels a certain way about it. I've been making sure that they know that I've been taking care of mine, that they know that I'm working, the stuff that I'm doing. I was present for everything that went on, you know I just wasn't able to practice on the field. But both sides understand the situation; it is a little unique...(laughs).

Yeah, things have changed a little bit. But uh, the motivation still hasn't changed. I'm really excited about what we can do. We have a young team, guys are very hungry, especially with the way we finished. But excited about what we can do. And what we have the potential to be able to do on the field. So, guys have been putting in the work. We've been, everybody's trying to get on the same page, so that we can follow though this year and have a better year. But yeah, things have changed a little bit, my goals are a little different. Maybe on a personal level, but like I said the motivation hasn't changed and the hunger is still there, I'm still hungry. There's a lot of things that I didn't do to the level that I expected last year, so I plan on keeping that momentum and doing even better.

MONTY: Let me ask you, do you get more questions about Brett Favre or about Aaron Rodgers?
Grant: You know what? Right now it's been pretty even. Of course before I played it was Brett. But it's been pretty even now. Because what they'll say is ... people might ask, the first question is do you think Brett's coming back? And the second question is, how's Aaron doing? (laughs) It usually balances out.

MONTY: It's pretty amazing though. Brett Favre is an icon and I get all that. But they're asking like his old college roommate's cousin's brother's sister if Brett Favre's coming back, Ryan. I think it might be the biggest story in Packerland right now, never mind anybody else who's in camp, never mind you've got yourself and Aaron Rogers and all the receivers. Everybody wants to know when the guy's coming back.
Grant: Yeah, which is understandable from a fan's and media place. Because like I said before, they don't know anything but Brett. The attention and the disarray and everything and the deal that it became, of course it's understandable. Everything was very much deserved for what he did. And, when people don't know anything but Brett, so the only thing they know is, ‘ooh, ooh, Brett's gotta come back' or ‘what're we gonna do with Brett' but as players we understand the nature of the game brings players in and out. And as much as Brett did, and we definitely respect everything he did the time that he was there, it was all deserved and all the accolades and awards. But we still have to play football. And we do have to move on as a team and be able to step up on our own level.

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