Saying good-bye is hard to do

Packer Report's Matt Tevsh weighs in on the rumors that Brett Favre is considering continuing his NFL career.

It seems like the Brett Favre comeback talk will never end.

Just when it felt like maybe Favre's un-retirement possibilities had finally hit a slow period or maybe even come to an end, an ESPN report came out Wednesday saying the three-time MVP is considering a comeback, citing a source close the team and the quarterback. The report also said that Favre has at least communicated his desire for a potential return to Packers head coach Mike McCarthy.

The story triggered numerous responses from Packers fans and media around the country. Whether or not those people were buying into the "rumors" is really irrelevant filler, however. The bigger point here is that if the rumors are true, the Packers have to move on without Favre.

While that may sound harsh, it is the only approach the Packers can and have taken. Aaron Rodgers has said as much in national interviews, McCarthy has made similar statements, and general manager Ted Thompson has indicated his direction with his actions in April's Draft.

Listen, nobody wanted to see Favre's career come to an end. Everyone was a fan or at least respected the man in some way. The Packers, even more, are forever indebted for his contributions. Saying good-bye to such a legend is never an easy thing.

That being said, the team needs to take care of its own business. To even consider Favre as a part of the 2008 roster would be a major disservice to Rodgers and a major mistake by the organization.

The Packers have gone through at least four off-seasons of serious Favre retirement talk and have handled each with professionalism. Whereas other teams have traded away legendary veterans, released them outright, or watched them end their careers injured or washed up, the Packers did they best they could with Favre's annual journey of indecision. They have given Favre space and time, all while keeping lines of communication open. Based on some reports, they even tried to convince him to stay another year.

Regardless of the surprising outcome in this past January's NFC Championship game, Favre went out on top. He was great individually and gave football fans moments in 2007 that they will never forget. It was a magical, near-perfect ending.

Please, Brett, do not turn this into an ugly return ala Michael Jordan. Stop at even considering play for another team and ending up like Joe Montana. Let fans remember only the good times with the Packers.

And please, Packers, do not consider Favre's possible return. As tough as it may be, stick to the plan.

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