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Releasing Favre is best for everyone

I'm as big of a Packers/Brett Favre fan as anyone, and I struggled this past season to decide if I was a Packers fan because of Favre or because I grew up in Wisconsin.

After the shock of the retirement wore off, I can still say that I am a dedicated Packers fan and a dedicated Favre fan. Favre doesn't define the Packers and the Packers don't define Favre. I like Favre because he is a great role model to kids, he was someone who fought the same demons that everyone has and still forged through it. This is what you want in a role model.

On the same side, Favre is not 25. If the Packers break their plans and were to allow Favre to play, it would hurt the organization more in the long run. Yes, we possibly could have instant gratification, however, at what cost to the franchise?

I think the Packers should be upfront and say to Favre that if he wants to play, that they would release his contract and let him give it a shot, wherever it may be. It's not fair for the Packers to hold him hostage.

As to the Favre fan in me, I would say that it would be the first time that I would have two favorite teams to root for.

— Robert Grignon,

Let him play, here or somewhere

I would love for Favre to come back. I prefer it to be with the Packers but if the Packers won't let him start or at the least give him a genuine chance to compete, he should play for any competitive team that will consider starting him. I know the two leading candidates would be the Bears and Vikings, but Favre deserves whatever the hell he wants. Some people say he's exiting gracefully or with style, but grace is overrated and styles come and go. I say play until you have to be dragged off the field, fingers in the dirt.

— David St. John,

Favre should have said this earlier

As much as I love Favre — I think he should stay retired. If he wanted to play another year, he should have said so much earlier than this. I think Aaron Rodgers can run the team and we will do well with him at the helm. To demote him at this point would create such hard feelings, we would have to trade Rodgers, and I don't think Brian Brohm has the talent to fill in after Brett "really retires." I also would not let go or trade his rights to let him play with another team. I'm sorry, but if Brett played for another team, I would lose all of my respect for him as a professional. I think he was right to retire and he'll get over his itch.

— Connie Weiss,

Just say yes

If general manager Ted Thompson did not allow Brett Favre to come back and be the starting QB, assuming Brett wants to, I would lose a lot of respect for Ted. If you took away their names and just showed the numbers, all 32 GMs would take Favre for this season. He would have won league MVP if it was not for Tom Brady's season, and this team is ready for a Super Bowl run. Who would replace a QB like that for a QB who has never started a regular-season game? If Aaron Rodgers is hurt by this, then he does not have the mental toughness I want in a QB.

Just say yes to one more year of Favre

(Or, hey, even 2)

— Thomas Hughes, Edison, N.J.,

Player/coach Favre?

I think it's all rumor, but if Brett really wants scratch that itch, how about coming back as a player coach, backing up Rodgers? I still believe that Rogers is made of eggshells, and Brett would be playing by Week 4.

— Bruce Thompson, Machesney Park, Ill.,

Short and sweet

Bring him back baby!

— Alex Weiss,

Short and sweet, Part 2

Absolutely welcome him back!!!

— Scott Clark,

It's not shocking

It's not shocking or surprising to me that Brett wants to come back, and so he should. Very true, it's not fair to Aaron Rodgers, but it's still unclear at this point whether Brett wants to start or give Aaron a helping hand. Brett has meant a lot to the Green Bay Packers, more so then anyone knows. His record tells the story, doesn't it? True, Aaron must be Aaron, but with Brett thrown in the mix, he has had three years of watching him. Or more!

And what's this about the Ryan Grant stuff going around? This man should be signed long term. The more weapons you have, the better off you are, no matter who. If indeed that Ted Thompson is going to trade Brett, then I would want a very high return for him, or forget it!

At the end of the 2008 season, the Packers could face serious trouble. A lot of players will be on the free-agent market. That's what we should be talking about. All you have to do is take a look.

In closing, the Packers need to think long and hard on just what they want to do. No matter how you look at it, they are America's Team. No other team is! Name me one other team that is owned by the fans!!!!

— Tom Fast,

Trade Favre for a pass rusher

He wants to play, and apparently he has been discussing it with the Packers, Wednesday's "It's all rumor" comment notwithstanding.

If the Pack aren't already, they could quietly shop him for a pass rushing DE (like Jason Taylor) or a running back or something. If Atlanta is thinking clearly, they could "rent" Favre for a year while Matt Ryan learns the trade. It's not unprecedented to do so. Also, Thompson isn't giving up a draft choice to fill a need at DE that way. I think most fans would understand at this point that it is time to move on, however painful the transition might be.

Favre has held the team hostage in recent years, but if he comes back now, it undermines months of planing to go on with Rodgers, undermines Rodgers, and creates the will-he or won't-he scenario again, even if he retires next year, long into the offseason. Favre is getting a little full of himself and enough is enough.

— Tom Hofmann,

Packers Nation would welcome back Favre

I am all for him coming back. I love to see him on the field every Sunday, and I really feel as though it is still his team, Rodgers has started to get a little cocky toward us, the fans. All that does is put more heat on him if he doesn't perform, I, as well as 90 percent of Packer Nation, would welcome Brett back with open arms, I hope he comes back, I guess we will see in the coming weeks! GO PACKERS!

— Denny Ide,

To not want Favre back is ridiculous

I say welcome him back with open arms.

It does seem at first that there are some good reasons to disagree with this, but after just a few moments of thought, it slaps you in the face just how silly the question really is. There is and only will be one Brett Favre. To not want him back on the Packers would be ridiculous.

Some folks also questioned the return of Michael Jordon when he decided to un-retire from the NBA. I, for one couldn't wait to see him return, and I wasn't disappointed.

As far as Aaron Rodgers goes, he is only 24 years old. Steve Young had to live in the shadow of Montana and wait his turn at a much older age, and he turned out just fine.

A player like Favre comes around once in a lifetime. The Packers organization, and we, the fans, need to hold on the him as long as possible, or at least as long as he lets us.

— Steve Calkins,

Never should have retired

Favre never should have retired. Even my spell checker knows his name. I can't see Brett playing for any other team. What dominant team needs just a quarterback for one year? Aaron can wait another year.

— Orion Hussein,

Favre was nuts to retire

He was nuts to retire to begin with! 2007 was one of his best years statistically. All indications would point to the Packers as a very competitive team in 2008. He must have been feeling the offseason "hangover" of losing to the Giants in the NFC championship game when he made his decision. As we all know, retiring in sports is different than any other profession.

— Donny Heath,

Too cold to keep playing

Brett should probably stay retired only because of what I saw during the Giants NFC championship game. He looked cold and old and like he would rather be home on the couch.

— Jeff Ackroyd,

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