Your thoughts on Favre, Part 2

We asked for your thoughts on the latest rumors about Brett Favre, and you delivered. Thank you to all who took the time to write. The first batch of letters appeared online on Thursday. And for more reader thoughts, be sure to check out and participate in our forums.

Get rid of Favre? No way, dude

I believe Brett is serious. I think very few people know what the situation regarding his retirement was really like behind the scenes. No one knows what truly motivated Brett to leave when he did.

Should we welcome him back? Why wouldn't we? Four months ago, Brett was our quarterback. He had his best season in years. Had he chose to play one more year, we'd all be excited for that. Has he lost his arm since March? Is he unprepared? Is he washed up and too old now?

It's funny this would even be referred to as a comeback. He hasn't missed one day of training camp yet. When a player holds out and comes back to the team midway through training camp, is that a comeback, too?

If the powers that be in the Packer organization deny Brett one more year, or God forbid, let him play for another team, there's going to be a backlash the likes of which will rock the organization to the core of the frozen tundra. If he wants to play, Lord have mercy on the dude who has the task of telling him "no thanks, dude."

FYI: Even the Lord hasn't enough mercy to grant the person who pulls the trigger on the deal that sends No. 4 to have a great season elsewhere while Aaron Rodgers struggles in Green Bay. Ugh, I shutter to think.

— Ryan Bonner,

Tee it up again

I think he should come back. He had a great season last year. Why not give it another chance this year. (Favre, if you're going to read this e-mail, put your feeling aside and play like there's no tomorrow.) Play the game like you play golf (in control) and I'm sure you'll win that Super Bowl. All fans (including me) are behind you. What else do you want?

Come on, Brett. Let's go out there and win.

— Sergio Buenrostro,

Welcome back, Brett!

There is only one way to look at it: Welcome back Brett! We love you! Let's go win a Super Bowl. The offense is still together and the majority of the defense is still in place. Sign or trade for a couple of players (Jason Taylor), build some excitement, and go out there and win it all. Nothing would be more exciting, and I would compare the hype to the year the Pack won the Super Bowl. Come back, Brett, and let's go finish the game!

— Joe Bolonchuk,

Trade for a king's ransom

If he thought he might be unsure, he should of delayed the teary retirement speech, forcing the Packers' hand to move on.

He wants to play? Trade him. We'd get a king's ransom from someone for sure.

— John,

He made this mess

Favre made the mess all by himself. If he would have committed to his gut feeling about four years ago, he would have told the Packers he'd play until at least 40 if no serious injury. Then, the Packers would have kept to signing veteran QBs to back him up. They needed to use a No. 1 because he's been talking of retirement for a long while. Now, they used two more picks at the position because of his retirement.

Sometimes, I think Favre retired because he knew they'd put all that money into Rodgers because of his talk of retirement, and Rodgers would go free if Favre came back. I think Favre should be traded. (But wouldn't the Packers already have done that if some team wanted him?) And, he should let NFL teams know that he plans to play until he can be effective no more ... that might be four or five more years.

— Randy Maki, Lexington, Ky.,

Favre is creating dislike

Brett gave the Packers many great years with a lot of memories for packer fans to remember and cherish. He retired, and the Packers are trying to move on and begin the next phase in the organization.

If Favre wants to play, he and Ted need to sit down and work out a trade for a pick and/or a quality player the Packers could use to help this team win now or in the future. I am a Favre fan and would hope he doesn't come out of retirement because he is creating dislike from his fans. If a trade did happen I would look for a DE like Jason Taylor to get after the QB from the left, right and the middle.

Stay retired, and go Pack!!

— David Fricke,

He belongs in Green Bay

I would welcome Brett Favre back to play. He is a Green Bay Packer and he belongs there. The GM and coaching staff need to bring him back. I have been a fan of the Green Bay Packers for 44 years and say we need him back. All the fans love him and others do too.

— Bruce White,

Make Favre commit, then trade Rodgers

IF the Green Bay Packers would entertain Favre returning to Green Bay, my recommendations would be to have him commit to two years. Trade Aaron Rogers, because you have to be fair to Aaron. Get that much-needed defensive help in the line. This would give Brohm time to be ready for the takeover. I like the move, as the Packers have the personnel to be competitive at a very high level with Favre.

— Joe Klimoski, Chandler, Ariz.,

Playoff failures show it's time for a change

As a loyal, borderline nutty Packers fan, I was hoping to avoid this soap opera during training camp. After the 2007 playoff loss, I really thought that Favre would play one more year based on his performance, the team performance and the promise of the young roster. Once he retired, I really wanted him to stay retired. I was ready to move on to Rodgers and see how the Packers would execute with a quarterback that would probably manage the game more and take less chances. I figured that McCarthy would rely on a more aggressive defensive scheme and more of a running/short passing game to win games in 2008.

I have enjoyed the 16 years that Favre has become the face of the franchise. The guy brought back a championship to Green Bay (should have been two) and his playing style and charisma has been nothing short of movie material (here comes "the but"...).

But, in his latter years, the important games have slipped through his fingers. I think some of the pressure of the spotlight has affected his play in the playoffs — namely 2001 vs. Rams, 2003 vs. Eagles, 2004 vs. Vikings, 2007 vs. Giants.

Unlike some football fans, specifically in Massachusetts, I do not blame him completely for these losses. In 2001, the Rams were faster and more talented than the Packers. In 2003, coach Mike Sherman and defensive coordinator Ed Donatell made so many critical coaching snafus that it left the Pack fans in a state of disbelief. In 2004, the Pack defense couldn't tackle a Pop Warner football player let alone a Viking — oh, (Bob) Slowik. In 2007, the whole team played poorly and were manhandled by a more motivated Giants team.

Having said all of this, you can't throw six interceptions against the Rams (2001), you can't throw a "punt pass" to Brian Dawkins at midfield in overtime (2003), you can't throw four INTs against the Vikes (2004), and again in overtime, the interception against the G-men sealed the game (2007).

In the end, I think his gut reaction of retiring was the correct one. I think he'd be foolish to play for another team. How incredibly goofy would Favre look in a Ravens jersey!? It pains me to write that last phrase.

— Michael Kuran, Representing the Pack in Mass.,

Favre in 2008, Brohm in 2009

If he is serious, let him play. If he does, be prepared to have Brian Brohm start in 2009.

— Alex Tallitsch,

Lose Favre, lose a fan

Welcome him back. He has done more for this organization than any other player for the past 17 years. If he wants back and they refuse, I will no longer be a Packer fan. He is the face of the Packers.

— Cindy Hasting,

It's time to move on

Time to move on. We need to know what Rodgers can do. We drafted Brohm as a backup to Rodgers. Favre comes back, then Brohm is a wasted pick. Plus, Favre is only going to play one to two more years. Rodgers will be a free agent by then, or close. We need to know what we've got. Rodgers or Brohm is the future, not Brett. Plus, Rodgers is completely ready right now. He didn't have a single bad game last year, whether in preseason or regular season. He played better against the best team in the NFC at the time, Cowboys, than Brett did. Brett, we love you, but stay retired!!!

— Mark Rosen,

Favre should stay as long as he wants

I am one who would gladly welcome him back. I wish that there wasn't all the hassle that now comes with it. I know that Aaron Rodgers is supposed to be the guy, and the organization has been preparing for it to happen now, but I want Favre to stay as long as he wants to!

— Louie Wells,

Packers pushed for an answer

If Favre retires, the Packers get nothing for him. If the Packers release him, they get nothing for him. Trouble is, the Pack wants to get something for him. If the Packers really don't want him back, just release him. Let Favre go and let him decide. If he goes to another team and goes to the Super Bowl, good for him and bad for the Packers. But remember, the Packers didn't want him to return. This is what happens when you push for an answer on what he was going to do at the end of every season. Maybe if they didn't push for an answer, this never would have happened.

     — Joe Kempski, Belleville, N.J.,

Backup Brett would be great

I would love to see Favre return, even in a backup role. Opposing defenses would take it easy on Rodgers because they wouldn't want him to get hurt and have Favre step in. I think Brett should have sat out of offseason workouts as much as he wanted so he wouldn't feel tired. Now, he is stuck wondering if it was the right decision. 

— Adam Guest, Redding, Calif.,

He's earned right to change his mind

He's earned the right to chose, and even the right to change his mind.  If he truly believes he can come and play at 100 percent, then let him. He wouldn't come back if he didn't think it was what's best for the team. And if the Packers don't take him back? Then shame on them!  They must have believed he'd be able to play until he was 40 or he wouldn't have two years left on his contract!

— Troy Gatewood,

Favre quit in title game

I hope that these stories are based on either rumor or someone talking to Brett and him saying "yeah, I still feel the desire to play." If that is the case, then please, media, stop printing those stories.

If he really wants to come back, then we know that everything he does is about Brett, not the team! In the last game of last season, Brett was lost. I'd say he played very poorly. In fact, I'd say Brett did not have the heart to win. He showed no leadership in that game. There was a camera shot of him that I will never forget. He was sitting alone on the bench staring off into space. He had retired already! It was clear with that last interception! No one would throw that ball! He just quit!

Don't get me wrong, Brett was a great QB and fun to watch, but it's over. Things end! Get a grip! It's time for Aaron Rodgers, and I say, let's roll!

 — Geoff Slater, Stay retired, healthy

Brett Favre was a great QB and still could be. If he would of said in March that he wanted to come back and play that would have been great, but he chose to retire. I don't buy the fact the Packers didn't do enough to keep him, he is old enough to know what he wants. Now it is time to stay retired and healthy. I would hate to see him end up getting hurt or even worst, maybe paralyzed for the rest of his life.

I'm not sure if it is Favre that wants to come back or the media wanting something to talk about. The media needs to give him and us, the fans, a break. I believe when it comes December and Brett is sitting in his warm home watching football he will be glad he is retired. It is time for Rodgers to get his shot at it. The fans need to know that Rodgers will make some mistakes but then how many did Brett make, some at very crucial times. It's time to get behind Rodgers and give him a fair chance and hope he can stay healthy and lead the Packers to new heights.

— Roger Lien,

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