Sydney Speaks! Enough already!

Packer Report's Harry Sydney offers his thoughts on the rumors of Brett Favre's return to football.

As I was working and listening to my favorite sports radio station I heard something that almost made me fall out my seat. At first I thought I was hearing things, but all of a sudden I realized I heard that HE WANTS TO COME BACK!

So my first reaction was basically no reaction. To be honest with you, I actually half expected it because I hadn't heard his name in a while, but talk about not wanting to be forgotten or replaced.

Sometimes I just wonder if Brett enjoys the off-the-field mind games as much as it appears? I remember time after time I talked about Brett holding this team hostage or I would talk about how everyone wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt even though he seemed to enjoy playing the puppet master time after time, but no one thought it could be possible. What about those of you who thought all Brett thought about was the team?

My question now is if everything reported is true, what do you think of what Brett is doing now? Do you think he is thinking about what is best for this organization or what is best for him? Do you think he thought of the ramifications? If he didn't, let me try to explain just a few of the effects!

First, Ted Thompson has to decide on whether or not he can allow Brett to come back because the organization started to go in a different direction, so is he supposed to put on the brakes? How does he talk about being committed to Aaron Rodgers? Mike McCarthy already gave him the keys and said to him, "This is now your team, Aaron." Now because Brett Favre decided he's bored everything has to change?

How would this be Ted's team if he lets Favre come back? Then again, what's he supposed to say to Brett? Is Ted going to say, "Look, Brett, you are one of the greatest. You put us back on the map and you are a first ballot Hall of Famer, but I can't let you come back."

Ted can't tell him to stay away or he would have years ago when Brett first started the "What am I going to do?" soap opera. Now let's pretend that Ted does what he needs to and tells Brett, "Sorry, this is Aaron's team." Then what? Do the Packers try to trade him and look like fools if Brett has a great year and Aaron Rodgers struggles? What if Brett comes back and Aaron decides that he has had enough and needs a change of scenery and demands a trade and is granted one? Or when his contract is up just leaves? This organization would look like fools.

Speaking of Aaron Rodgers maybe what he said in Sports Illustrated had more meaning then any of us really knew. Maybe he is tired of putting his career on hold, especially since Brett seems to never go away. What about the other players? Aren't they going to be forced to have to pick a side? That isn't good for any team.

Could Ted Thompson release Brett? How could he just let Brett Favre walk away without getting something for him? Then what can you really get from him and who are you going to trade with?

These are all things that I really don't think that Ted or Mike expected to have to deal with this summer. They had to be looking forward to a new era starting, but instead they have to be saying, "Here we go again."

I remember seeing that press conference and I saw a man that said he had nothing left. I remember him saying all the right things. I bought it. I saw a man that appeared to have been satisfied with life and I will admit it I was truly touched just as many of you were. Today I am sad because I'm seeing another great one not get it. Sometimes it's hard for all of us to understand when it's time to say enough, but when one's actions keep over-shadowing an organization's then it's time.

Brett needs to stop because I want to remember my old teammate and respect him for what he brought to the game. So I guess there is a reason those retirement papers never were sent to the league office, but, then again, ENOUGH ALREADY!

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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